Sunnies Face Airblush

A new addition from the local brand Sunnies Face was revealed a few weeks ago. Luckily, I won a set with their acrylic case from their Instagram giveaway! It was such a surprise to me because I completely forgot about it until they tagged me in their story that I actually won the set. I'm so happy about it because I've been wanting to get one (or maybe three) for myself. 

Here's a blog post about the product and what I think about it. (Though I didn't do swatches!)

An Art Immersion Day

Being productive and making my own art has been a challenge lately. This is why this short visit to my alma mater made me feel inspired and left me in awe (of course, nostalgia aside). There was so much going on in the campus and I'm glad I paid a quick visit to really soak in all the art and to fuel my creative juices as well. So here's a quick blog post as a little visual diary that could help you take in the inspiration and motivation that you need.

There Will Be Dark Days

Pretty clueless with how this post will turn out since I don't really have a proper vision or bullet points as to how I want to discuss this certain topic in public. But one thing's for sure: I will pour my heart out and I hope this will help you somehow. So, let's dive right in, shall we?

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this little book slash journal on my desk. I totally forgot that this existed. This thing was a witness to some of my dark days since 2017 and it has definitely been a while since I last used it or even went through the pages to kill some time. This is Adam J. Kurtz's Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later. (Nope, this is blog post is not about this book.) It's a book slash journal that is made mostly as a little container of your feelings whenever you feel like using it. The way I use this is I randomly open a page and fill up or read whatever is in that page. It helps me get distracted from my breakdowns and it helps me calm down a bit. It keeps me grounded.