Current Skincare Routine

Skincare has always been a necessity to me. I realized this when my lifestyle shifted drastically as I entered in college. With all the stress and all-nighters, I knew that I had to do something to help prevent further damage to my skin. I started with the basic: cleanser + toner. This was what my mom taught me. She's always had normal, worry-free skin. But little did I know that what works for my mom doesn't necessarily work for me. This is when I started to experiment. And yes, the sad thing is I had to do all the trial and error before doing any research.

Reading and hearing nothing but good things about the 10-step Korean skincare routine, I really tried my best to complete it. Only to find out that I don't really need 10 different products every morning and night just to achieve that happy glowing skin. I just needed to find out the products that really work for me. However, I'm not gonna lie, my skin's far from that glass skin everyone's raving about. But I am quite alright with how I look right now. I do wear makeup whenever I go out, but I'm not afraid to go out barefaced.


For the majority of the year so far, I've been itching to go out and shoot portraits or even go on photowalks with friends. But due to the lack of funds, and being clueless with locations, I've come to terms that a lot of my dream shoots and plans won't turn into reality soon. Feeling uninspired and stuck in a rut, whenever I get the rare chances of that sudden burst of idea, I try my best and act on it as soon as possible. This is one of them.

Hey, stranger

No doubt, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Though the month of July went by so slowly. My heart felt so full yet so empty all at once. I haven’t felt this confused in so long. But for a whole month, it took over my mind and my heart. I’ve been struggling to put my experiences and feelings to words that’s why I’ve been postponing this apology (of some sort to you, dearest stranger). I realized that I can’t force myself to use words as mere explanations or descriptions of everything I’m feeling right now. I don’t think it will do any justice.

Date with Myself: Unwinding Indoors

Being an introvert, going out with friends and family sometimes tire me when it happens consecutively for a couple of days. This is why a much needed alone time is something that I always find myself yearning for. If I ended up getting really tired from going out for days, I usually spend time indoors and binge watch on Netflix and YouTube. Not the best habit, that’s for sure. But this time, I challenged myself to try and do the things that I enjoy doing within the comforts of the four walls in my room.

I gave myself a much needed alone time and treated myself to a date. There were 10 things that made sure I spoiled myself a bit. If you’d like to know what they were, then keep on reading this post!

Postcard Collective: Winter 2018 Exchange

Almost a year ago, my friend Regina suggested that I should join The Postcard Collective’s exchanges. She introduced this as some sort of art exchange from people all over the globe through the form of postcards wherein there is a corresponding theme for the exchanges. The exchanges are held every season.

I read more about The Postcard Collective through their site where they said how these exchanges and postcards represent the connection of people all over the globe who want to be acknowledged and to acknowledge others through their art. And through their art, is how people express and share their thoughts to the world, especially with people who are open to see things in a different perspective.