A Weekend Away

Truth be told, it has been a while since I last escaped the scenes of Metro Manila. To be able to leave the city for a bit has been one of my biggest wishes this year so far. I just find myself falling into old habits, and staying within my comfort zone for way too long. I just know deep inside me that I need to get out of my room, of the city I call home, and just roam around for a bit. Being in a different environment can really help you a lot. You will witness unusual scenes and find a different kind of comfort in the unknown. In such a short amount of time, other than being able to unwind, I managed to spend time on happy thoughts than the usual worries I have in mind when I'm at home.

Art and Stationery Haul

One of the things that I promised myself is to work harder on my artworks. Truth be told, I'm not really having the best progress when it comes to working on art and spending time to learn new styles and mediums. This is why I thought of just trying to look into new materials to experiment with. I'd like to share some of my purchases!

Monthly Montage 2019: Set 1 of 4

Art-wise, I haven't been very productive and expressive with myself lately. My art journal's been untouched for months already and I know that I really need to get everything together to create art again. Being able to express myself in different mediums is such a blessing but sometimes, creating art tends to be hard when you're out of inspiration or even prompts. This is why for this year, I challenge myself to create montages or collages with how each month went for me. It will be an artistic representation and summation of the month's totality for me.

I'd like to share the first three artworks and months of my year so far.

Some keywords for how the first month of the year went for me were: highs, opportunities, risks, just doing it. I'm a person who values beginnings so much. For me, it's a nice feeling to leave everything behind and start anew. I tried my best to leave the negativity in the past year and things kind of felt as if this will really be my year. I dived right into opportunities despite being someone who has super low self-esteem and always hinders herself from her own growth. This was a really big change for me and I'm not gonna lie, it did scare me at first. But when everything turned out fine, I just let things be and embraced it.