A Change of Scenery

I always find myself decorating the different areas of my room, despite being such a clutter machine. Filling the walls with memories really made me feel comfortable and most importantly, inspired and motivated! But as I got used to it, I knew that I had to mix things up a bit. As much as I love the visuals on my wall, it is time to change it.

Portraits in a Museum

The National Museum of Natural History has been one of the many places I've been wanting to visit within Manila. Last August, I finally paid a visit and spent the whole afternoon getting to know a little more about the history of my home and immersing myself with the architecture. Though we visited on a weekday, a lot of people were still present. But it's better than the really long lines from the first few weeks of the opening.

A lot of the areas were still closed but we managed to spend the whole afternoon reading more about different artifacts and fossils from the Philippines. I can't wait for the time where every room in the building will be filled with nothing but more interesting facts about the rich history of this archipelago.

We were able to sweep the area with a few minutes to spare before the museum closed. Since we had nothing else to do, we took portraits instead. Well, in this case, I got my portraits taken!

Current Skincare Routine

Skincare has always been a necessity to me. I realized this when my lifestyle shifted drastically as I entered in college. With all the stress and all-nighters, I knew that I had to do something to help prevent further damage to my skin. I started with the basic: cleanser + toner. This was what my mom taught me. She's always had normal, worry-free skin. But little did I know that what works for my mom doesn't necessarily work for me. This is when I started to experiment. And yes, the sad thing is I had to do all the trial and error before doing any research.

Reading and hearing nothing but good things about the 10-step Korean skincare routine, I really tried my best to complete it. Only to find out that I don't really need 10 different products every morning and night just to achieve that happy glowing skin. I just needed to find out the products that really work for me. However, I'm not gonna lie, my skin's far from that glass skin everyone's raving about. But I am quite alright with how I look right now. I do wear makeup whenever I go out, but I'm not afraid to go out barefaced.