Collective Beauty Haul

Another beauty haul, no surprise here! I've managed to accumulate a few beauty items here and there and I'd like to share it with you guys. If you've tried some of these products out, please let me know your thoughts about them as well. I have a few products from 3CE and Colourpop for this small collective haul.

Adventures in Analogue #05

After such an adventure, I finally received the scans of my film rolls from years of backlog due to the whole I'm-broke-I-don't-have-money-to-get-my-films-developed dilemma. Yes, I finally had the time and extra money to get some rolls developed! I had 5 rolls developed with love thanks to Sunny16 Lab. For this particular roll, I used a disposable camera, particularly the Fujifilm Simple Ace 400. I asked a friend to buy two disposable cameras for me when a friend of hers was in Japan and a friend gifted me another one when he went to Japan. Yes, Japan is the place to go to if you need disposable cameras since a lot of local online shops sell it for much higher.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you some photographs from my disposable camera!


A big folder of low quality film negative scans are resting in my hard drive and I decided to put them to good use. Instead of just leaving them as is, I used them to create art. Now this is something I thought of doing before but never had a proper concept. This set of artworks is called Mediums. Before I let you know what the whole concept is for this, take a quick scan of the artworks and try to guess.