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Bohol 2015: Photo Diary

Exactly a year ago, my family and I went to Bohol for a short vacation. We managed to squeeze this before my classes started. I thought I’d share a photoset of our short trip  since I never really posted much about it on my social media accounts. You can find bits and pieces of our trip on my Instagram account.

My brother enjoying the view

We stayed at Hennan Resort Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol. Aside from the view, the food was superb! There was never a point in our stay that I was disappointed with their food, I promise. The staff was accommodating and they always make sure we have what we need.

The first day was pretty chill. We just stayed inside the hotel and went for a little swim. The next day was when we really went out and visit the tourist spots around the place. We went to the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center, Chocolate Hills, Bilar Man-Made Forest (I posted about it last year over here), Loboc River cruise, and the Hinagdanan Cave.

We were supposed to go island hopping on our last day but the coastguards wouldn’t let us because of the bad weather. (Talk about wrong timing!) This was my most awaited day for the whole trip but it didn’t push through. I was so sad during that day that I forgot what I did except pack my things and get ready to leave.

On our flight back, we experienced turbulence. It was so traumatizing for my brother because it was his second time to ride an airplane (the first one being the Manila to Tagbilaran flight). I, too, panicked. I was sitting in front of my mom and my brother because I was a little brat and I wanted to sit on the window side too. I started praying while listening to my playlist. The pilots started to tell us what’s been happening and it’s because of the really bad weather and numerous planes are also in line to land. When we landed, we all wanted to hug the ground as a sign of thanks for letting us live a little longer haha! It was seriously a stressful ride.

So that’s how everything went. One thing I regret from our trip is that I didn’t bring my DSLR with me. I only brought my trusty phone and my Instax wide. But I managed to document the trip so I’m find with that. I’d love to go back and go island hopping for sure!

Here’s a video I edited a while back with bits and pieces of our trip in Bohol:

That’s it for this post. Thank you so much if you’ve read this far! Hoping for more adventures in the coming years!

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