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Since my 5th year (ugh) as a college student is about to start tomorrow, this post is about a little comparison of how my study habits were in high school and how it changed as I went to college.

One thing I remember about my life as a high school student is that I never really tried too hard to get good grades although I was one of those “gc” students a.k.a. grade conscious. I’m not saying that I was a slacker and blamed the system if ever I get low grades. What I’m trying to say is that I take things in moderation; I take enough time to study but I don’t force myself to do it if I couldn’t. I wasn’t organized (and I still am not, hehe). But things have changed quite a bit.

This is a long read so if you’re really interested, here’s a rundown of my study habit changes:


  • High school – I’ve always been a procrastinator and I did my assignments and projects at the last minute. Especially math assignments! Even if it used to be my favorite subject back then in high school, I’ll go to school early and copy my classmate’s assignment. Or sometimes we’ll try to solve it before the flag ceremony and that serves as our review for the class recitation. *wink wink*
  • College – Still a procrastinator! But I’m learning to embrace my responsible self, tbh. I’m doing good by constantly checking my planner. I’m learning to be better at time management and all that.


  • High school – Like what I said earlier, I reviewed but I didn’t force myself. My method of reviewing is that I read my notes or the book provided and I rewrite the important things on a piece of paper. After that, I highlight the keywords (and sometimes I end up highlighting everything) and then I read everything until I’m satisfied with it.
  • College – Same reviewing method but I really force myself to review. Especially during that time that I was really grade conscious because I wanted to make it to the dean’s list again so bad. But sometimes, forcing yourself to review isn’t good. Nothing will enter your brain so it’s best to just take a breather and continue reviewing after a few minutes or even hours.


  • High school – My notes were legit messy. It’s because of the times when I feel sleepy in class and I still try to be a good student and force myself to continue writing notes; leaving my notes with random squiggly lines here and there.
  • College – One thing that really changed is from lined notebooks, I fell in love with blank notebooks. It became easier for me to write notes because it’s not constricting and you can work on your own layout with it and be creative. Most of my notes are filled with random doodles and even inappropriate drawings (thanks to my friends).


  • High school – I’ve been called a “burara” a couple of times by different people and I kept it that way all throughout high school. I hated it when my things were organized by our helpers because I don’t know where some of my certain items were. I prefer leaving a mess and knowing where each items is than getting my things fixed and organized by someone else.
  • College – Tidy! Nope, but I’m getting there. Thank goodness! My mom even noticed this big leap of mine. I became a wee bit organized compared to my slobby self back then. I became addicted to planners and planning my day out through lists and all that. I like keeping my desk clean (but sometimes I can’t avoid it, lol).


  • High school – I’ve never pulled all-nighters back in high school. I guess the latest time I worked on a project or assignment was around 1 to 2 AM. Or if I’m not done by that time, I’ll proceed to work on it during class hours.
  • College – All-nighters aren’t even enough, lol. I don’t know if it’s my time management issues or it’s just really hard in architecture (pssh, college in general is hard). Sometimes I even cut classes just to work on my majors.

Nervous/emotional breakdowns

(I thought I’d include it because it’s really something I’ve been dealing with since I was a kid)
  • High school – I remember how every quarter I’ll always face one major problem. Like a missing project or a certain error that will become a hindrance for me to get good grades. It always made me feel really nervous and sometimes I’ll just cry.
  • College – I think it got worse since I entered college. My tolerance for stress got worse but I guess it’s because it’s more stressful in college. One thing that always makes me highly emotional is whenever I had to think of a concept in our design class. That’s one of the major things that gives me stress. But once I figure it out, I’ll slowly learn and work on it. I get random emotional outbursts during the process but it’s okay.
So, generally, I think my study habits are better today in college. And I hope that when the time comes that I’m reviewing for the board exams, I’ll have a better study habit and be a better being in general. This is such a long read so I’m grateful for your soul if you’ve read up to this part. Thank you so much!

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