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Faux Film Portraits

Before I accepted my fate and went back to school, I spent my last day of the term break with Ohyo Favis, an online friend of mine and a fellow art lover.

Segue: Ohyo actually saw me years ago in Joli’s along P. Noval but I never saw him! So this is technically the first time we actually met and hung out.

We met up and kept walking around the mall whilst telling random stories (and chikas) about other people’s lives because we had nothing else better to do. After a good round of Krispy Kreme drinks, we roamed around the vicinity to find sketchy yet cool places to shoot. But since we were so clueless and tired during that time, we ended up taking photos in a parking lot. We tried so hard to avoid the scary guards and we succeeded!

By the way, Ohyo edited all the photos because I’m such a lazy bum and I’m really tired from school (as I am currently writing this). I really love how the colors turned out! Ohyo was after the faux film vibe and he did a spectacular job at it.

That’s it for this post. I hope our awkwardness didn’t make you cringe, hahaha! Despite our awkward faces, we were laughing the whole time since I kept pulling off either really weird reactions or silly ones. I had a lot of fun! We’re planning for more shoots and I can’t wait for it to happen.

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