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Baguio June 2016: Photo Diary

It was my first time to go to Baguio this year! It’s been on my bucketlist since I was a kid and thank heavens I can finally cross it off my list. The 6-hour road trip to Baguio was so painful in the butt and we made numerous stops just to go and pee. We weren’t really prepared for this trip because it was quite spontaneous (I mean, we obviously planned this but it was such short notice that my mom just booked us a hotel room and bam, we’re off to Baguio).

About the trip, on the way there, I was so giddy because this has been rotting on my bucket list for so long. I wasn’t feeling dizzy until we reached the area where all the roads are just going up and in a curvilinear zigzag motion. I had to drink meds and eat a bunch of sour candies just to keep my sanity. Upon arriving, I felt better as we checked in our hotel.

We stayed at The Manor and it’s definitely a beautiful place. Nothing much really happened during our trip. We visited different parks and gardens like the Baguio Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Wright Park and Burnham Park plus different tourist spots like the Baguio Cathedral, The Mansion, Lourdes Grotto, Diplomat Hotel (which I had a super spooky encounter), Baguio City Public Market, Strawberry Farm and my favorite, the Bencab Museum!

First day, it was drizzling and I just enjoyed the ambiance of the place. It was so peaceful! It was definitely a change of surrounding after being stuck in Manila with academics and all the stress. This was definitely what I needed.

We ate lunch at Mile Hi Diner. Being such a fan of old things, I fell in love with these wall decorations that were all over the restaurant. This reminded me of how the famous 50's Diner also has the same vibe as this (based from the photos that I saw before leaving for the trip).

We spent a lot in this place. Like a lot. I thought I’d spend so much on the night market but, well, wala eh. I didn't expect that we'd spend so much in this place. You'd think that it was a bad move since we'll surely get more items for the same amount we spent in this place but you're wrong. My family's really impatient when it comes to shopping especially when there are a lot of people, hahaha!

We went to the Baguio Botanical Garden. It made me happy to see so much greenery around me. It's tiring to be surrounded by dull looking buildings and GI sheets. This is definitely a change of scenery, and possibly one that I'd like to wake up to daily.

During the night, we managed to witness the fog. It was majestic. I don't know why but I really liked it. I took a lot of photos and I love how they turned out.

The series of photos above are all from the Diplomat Hotel. This hall right here is where I experienced a really spooky vibe. I don’t want to get into detail but I felt a different kind of presence and saw something. My mom thought I was kidding and she even scolded me for it.

This is the view from the roof deck of the Diplomat Hotel. The clouds and the earth are kissing. *u*

My favorite part of the trip was when we went to the Bencab Museum. I’ve been wanting to go here since the start of the year and I’m glad I finally got to enjoy the art and the view.

To end this post, I really hope I’ll go back and spend more time via walking and public transportation to really get a feel of the place. It was super bitin so I’m really looking forward to going back.

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