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North Bound Portraits: Baguio October 2016

Before the Semana Santa this year, my friends and I went up north to celebrate my friend’s birthday in advance. (Thank you, Mariah and family!) Despite the heavy traffic, we managed to arrive at Pangasinan during the evening. We had dinner and spent some quality time while some of us worked on our thesis.

The next day, we went on the road again to go to Baguio. Two times in Baguio in one year, how lucky am I? (Seriously still questioning how my mom managed to let me go with my friends despite my thesis and other academic workload.) We weren’t able to roam around that much but we sure did take a lot of photos. This is what I love when I’m with my friends! It was kind of a hassle to choose which camera to use since I started using film again. I actually let my friend Reyn use my DSLR as I used my film camera.

Anyway, we only stayed overnight and went back to Pangasinan. After eating dinner at Mariah’s place, we went back on the road to go home. It was such a nice trip and I’m hoping that we’ll go back soon. This time, with more friends, haha!

I’ll never forget this trip and these people. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Random photos of Mariah, me, and Reyn

Portraits of Mariah by me

With the long queue in Choco-Late de Batirol, we decided to take portraits of each other just to entertain ourselves a bit. We stumbled upon this nice area where it felt kind of secluded but still easy to spot from the restaurant.

Portraits of DY by Mariah

Photos of me by Mariah

Photos of Gab by Reyn

The next couple of photos were taken when we went to the Diplomat Hotel, probably one of our favorite spots to take photos of. (Fun fact: We're all architecture majors!)

Group photo of the girls

At the roof deck of Diplomat Hotel

A group photo by Reyn

The girls

Portraits of Cha, DY, and Regina taken by me
I had to edit them in gif form because there’s literally a lot to choose from. These photos were taken by most of us in the group (yours truly, Mariah, Regina, Reyn, DY, and Gab). I hope you enjoyed these photos and our very sabaw selves!

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