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BGC Staycation Portraits

Last December 2016, my family and I went on a weekend staycation at Bonifacio Global City. We stayed in an Airbnb around the area and spent the weekend roaming around the area because it’s a place we don’t go too that much since my mom’s a lazy driver plus my brother and I still don’t have our license. This was my mom’s way of rewarding me with how stressed I were last term thanks to my thesis (which wasn’t really the start of it since it was some sort of introduction). I needed to unwind, she said.

Portraits of my brother that I took when we were roaming the streets of BGC
I spent most of the time outside and met some of my online friends (whom I met thanks to Tumblr) and it was so nice how they bought some of my prints!!! It’s so heartwarming to see people supporting you and your craft.

Photos of me by my brother
Anyway, I’ll just leave gifs of portraits we took during our staycation. Most of the portraits are either photos of my awkward-looking default face or photos of Regina, my college friend who went from ParaƱaque just to shoot with me.
My sister and I

Photos of me which were taken by my sister. She did a pretty good job!

Portraits of Regina that I took
I had a lot of fun taking portraits. I'm glad I had my trusty 50mm lens with a 1.8 aperture, which is good for low light photographs. Was able to take good quality photos thanks to it! Also, I’m just a starter when it comes to portraits so please let me know how I can improve on it. Thank you! :-)

That’s pretty much it for our portraits! I also took some long exposures and the night life of the area but I’ll probably use them elsewhere (or maybe I already posted them, haha). Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this set! Can't wait to practice portraiture again!

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