Color Play #01

One thing I love to do after taking a bunch of photos is by editing them on Lightroom! I really like playing with the different settings and I recently got into playing with the colors which is why I’ll probably start another (of so many) series this year, Color Play! This is where I (obviously) play with the colors of the photos until they have a certain tone that stands out from the rest. This is just means of exploring how I can use colors to manipulate a mood of a photo.

Here’s a set from my staycation at Bonifacio Global City. I went roaming around the place with my brother and another day with a friend of mine. Some photos were taken from our Airbnb! I honestly had fun taking photos and walking with a jacket on since it was last December when we went there which means it was pretty cold than the usual days from the rest of the year.

I really made it a point to go out at night because I rarely stay late at night with my camera because of how sketchy our country is and how strict my mom is. Will post more sets with different color experimentation!

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