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The Perfect Strangers Project with Celina

Before anything else, this is a long overdue blog post because Celina and I failed to swap our parcels to each other two years ago.

Oh Comely’s The Perfect Strangers Project is somewhat similar to my little exchange project, but the difference here is strangers are paired with other strangers from all over the globe and must post a parcel to each other’s pair before a particular deadline. In order to qualify for this project, a deposit of one British Pound must be made. You can either choose a partner from the same country as yours or from anywhere around the globe. Since it’s my first time, I went for a stranger located within my home country. No surprise, Celina and I got paired. We were both talking about the possibility of getting each other as partners in case no one else from the Philippines joins–which came true, obviously.

After a looooong time, we finally managed to hand each other’s exchange. This is what I got:

The cute trinkets were inside this tote bag. I really love the design!!! I’ve been meaning to buy a tote bag for some time now and I’m glad Celina took her time to look for a really nice tote bag for me.

She also included a short letter, a yellow duck Line folder since I love yellow, an oversized gray shirt because she assumes that it looks cute on me, an orange beanie that (according to her) will probably look good on me since my skin complexion is fair (lol).

There were also a bunch of panda goodies! Celina really knows my love for pandas and she really made sure I got loads of these cuties for our exchange.

A metal container from H&M saying “Me ♥ Bacon” holds a bunch of stickers and a pin. The egg and toast pin is something I’ve been eyeing since I saw it online. It was out of stock when I decided to finally buy it until one day, Celina tweeted about selling this pin and then we agreed on exchanging pins instead. I bought a pastel rainbow pin and we included those in our exchanges, haha!

The metal container also has stickers from Japan of cute dogs in food form, a Stranger Things sticker pack, and a fitting Pantone sticker that I very much relate to.

It was worth the wait for all of these goodies and I’m glad I got Celina as my swap partner. Thank you so much, my unicorn! Here’s to more cute exchanges with you. c:

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