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Adventures in Analogue #02

Hello! I’m back again with another part of this series! For the second part, I used a Pentax ME Super. For the first four photos, I totally forgot which film roll I used but the next three were Solid Gold 200 and the rest were expired Kodak Color Plus 200. This is what’s confusing when you don’t immediately label your photos, sigh.

Anyway, these photos were from that time we went on a field trip to Iloilo and Guimaras for our Architectural Design 1 class.

I remember getting confused as to which camera I will use that’s why I brought both my digital camera and film camera with me to our field trip. Yes, it was super hassle but everything’s worth it in the end. This is a problem I’ve been facing since day one. I think someday I’ll try going out with only a film camera with me (and of course, my mobile phone).

This trip was filled with discoveries. Other than it being my first time to ride an airplane, this made me learn more about my country. I've always wanted to travel my home country and this was such an experience for me. It made me see so much beauty and I could only hope for it to stay as majestic it is.

That is it for this set. I hope you enjoyed it. This turned out to be a really unexpected roll with how some photos look discolored. But this is the thing with film, you'll never know exactly how your photos turn out!

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