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The Perfect Strangers Project with Des

Something I’ve been obsessed since last year was this, Oh Comely’s The Perfect Strangers Project. You can see the first swap I ever did (which happens to be with my friend, Celina!) over here. I tried it again last November 2016 and I received my swap partner’s package last January! I was about to leave the house when I noticed the package. I looked at it and immediately felt giddy. But since I really had to leave, I waited until I got back home to open it.

The package came all the way from London. Can you imagine that? From a complete stranger from London. But one thing I know about my swap partner, Des, is that he was the founder and was once the editor-in-chief of Oh Comely magazine. Talk about big time!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package were petals from the dried flowers he sent me–which is something I am obsessed with. His exchange was consisted of 9 types of items.

This was the first one that caught my attention since it spread this green color and oil stain on some parts of the package. Des enjoyed making chocolates and he made sure I’d get one from him. I tried this while opening the rest of the package and it was good despite his claim for the “unsuccessful” attempt.

This one, he says, is just for fun. I haven’t tried playing with it yet but I probably will soon just to destress and all.

This has got to be the cutest thing in the package! A bunch of sea salt that he collected when he used to live in Australia.

Since I told him how much I loved reading poetry, he sent over this book. I still haven’t read it but I will as soon as I finish the novel I’m currently reading.

Two more of his wonderful creations! I really loved the white chocolate one with the berries. It was so good.

A notebook with some postcard-like thing that was made in Japan. I was surprised to know that we both wanted to visit Japan! Side note, I’m in love with Japan. From their architecture to their culture and the people. Soon, Japan, soon.

Three photographs that he likes. I really love all three and each one tells a story.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without his brainchild, an issue of Oh Comely magazine.

To finish this all off, my favorite part, dried flowers. I literally squealed when I saw this.

Thank you so much to Des for sending me a wonderful package! I hope you enjoyed mine too! I’ll most likely join again soon because the thrill of waiting for a package to arrive and opening it without having any clue of what’s inside just fills me. The time and energy I’ve spent on each package makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. I really like preparing things for people.

If you’re interested with this type of thing, just wait for their announcement over at their Facebook page to know when the next pairing is.

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