Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Gudak iOS Application

Knowing my love for photography, both digital and analogue, this iOS application instantly made me excited to try it out. Despite being a paid application, I still made the effort of buying it since I’ve heard and seen so much beauty from this little creation.This is the Gudak application where it somehow turns a mobile phone into a disposable camera. It’s very affordable, for PHP 49.00, you’ll be able to play with this application right away.

Current Book Collection

Here are a few books Iwant to share with everyone here. I sold a lot of my old books since they were more of a clutter than books I actually cherish. (This is one of the things that a book in my current collection taught me.) And since a few months, I’ve slowly regained my love for reading. I haven’t read novels in a long time except for a few exceptions but I really am loving poetry books and self-help books. So here is a short list of my current book collection and a few introductions about them especially the ones that I really love.

Althea Korea Haul

Fairly new to the skincare game, I decided to try my luck and order new skincare items for my new routine. My usual routine only consists of two steps: cleansing and toning. One key step I need to address is moisturizing.