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Althea Korea Haul

Fairly new to the skincare game, I decided to try my luck and order new skincare items for my new routine. My usual routine only consists of two steps: cleansing and toning. One key step I need to address is moisturizing.

A 10-step Korean skincare routine may be too much for me but I tried to go to Althea Korea's website and look for possible products that I can use for my routine. I had nothing in mind but to look for a proper moisturizer, but being the impulsive buyer that I am, I ended up with more products.

Althea Korea is a good source for Korean products, may it be for skincare or for beauty. They have a huge selection of brands and products that are readily available for Filipinos like us. What I love about them is that their site is user-friendly and that they also provide the necessary information about the products before you decide to buy them.

This one’s my first ever box from Althea Korea and it’s so lovely how I got it in my favorite color. It’s a special box that celebrates Eid Mubarak. I really felt 100% more excited when I saw the packaging. I got it within their time frame of 10-15 days of processing and shipping all the way from South Korea.

Let's proceed with the things that I got!

  • (1) Beauty Water by Son&Park (500ml) - PHP 1,980.00
  • (1) Black&Black Cleansing Foam by Nella - freebie (PHP 262.00 originally)
  • (1) Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel by Nature Republic - PHP 180.00
  • (2) Chemi Banban Mask by Gram Double - PHP 164.00 (PHP 82.00 each)
  • (1) Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3-Step Program by Innisfree - PHP 140.00
  • (3) Panda’s Dream Eye Patch by Tony Moly - PHP 150.00 (PHP 50.00 each)

How did I end up with this much products? I don't know! But I do know that I’ve always wanted to try Son&Park’s Beauty Water and Nature Republic’s most raved product, the Aloe Vera Gel. I’ve hesitated for weeks until I managed to just snatch all of these products. I’ll try to give a review on each product since I’ve tried all of them. But please bear in mind that I don’t know how reviews work and I’m not a skincare slash beauty guru. I’m just here to share my thoughts.

First off, the Beauty Water. From Soko Glam, they say that this is a cleanser, a (mild) exfoliator, and a toner all at once. It can be used at any time of the day, too; as part of a preparation before putting on makeup, a refresher whenever you feel like a potato, and before going to bed as a multipurpose toner. What I love about this is that its pH level is 4.5 and is for almost all skin types (excluding sensitive skin, I guess). I haven’t totally read about pH levels but if you’re clueless, you should read about it!

Although I think it makes my skin a bit oilier than usual, this makes me feel refreshed whenever I use it. I also have breakouts due to stress and sleepless nights but I can’t tell if this is because of this product or if it’s because I’ve been torturing my skin from different skincare products that it’s getting confused of how inconsistent I am? Hahaha, sorry, skin. I’ll get better at this.

Next up, the freebie! This Black&Black Cleansing Foam from Nella claims to remove dead skin cells, and gives moisture and nutrition for the skin. This made me breakout after a night of using it. I stopped using it after two weeks because it just made my skin look worse. But I’ve read a review saying that maybe it’s because the skin was adjusting to the natural ingredients of this products so she continued using it. But I’m still skeptic about this so I just ditched it.

This Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel by Nature Republic is such a great product. It claims to soothe, firm, and moisturize the skin. Although I don’t use if for my face anymore since it made my pores larger, I use it as a moisturizer for my neck and my limbs. It really makes me feel refreshed and it has such a lovely scent!

Targeted for combination skin types, the Chemi Banban Mask by Gram Double claims to address the different problems of the T-zone and the U-zone of the face. Since I have combination skin, I decided to try this out. But, it scared the crap out of me after using this product. Excuse the exaggeration but it kind of sucked the life out of my T-zone that I just freaked out. And then after a day, I noticed pimples started to appear on different parts of my T-zone. What a bummer.

Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3-Step Program is something that is time consuming but fun at the same time. The first step opens the pores; second one removes the blackheads; and the final step tightens the pores back again. This worked better than the other ones I’ve tried like the one from Holika Holika. But it still left a couple of blackheads. It’s an okay product but I think it’s too expensive for its effectivity.

Last, Panda’s Dream Eye Patch by Tony Moly. As an architecture student who has done nothing but work on sleepless nights, I got attracted to this product. I’m not sure if it did lessen the darkness in my undereye area but it did give it that needed moisture. It’s a hassle to use but it gave me time to relax. I think I’ll try to buy more of this again since it’s just PHP 50.00 although I can’t find it on Althea Korea’s site anymore.

Really sorry if this “review” still left you clueless with these products. I really don’t know what to say but I did love buying all of these stuff! Except for the part where I end up being broke. I’ll try to make more posts of the other boxes my mom and I got. If you have recommendations for skincare products, please let me know!

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