Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Adventures in Analogue #03

Funny backstory about this set is that I lost the camera that I used for these photos. Just kidding, it’s not funny, it’s heartbreaking, actually. I think I used a Nikon OneTouch Zoom AF with a built-in lens of 30-70mm. For its compact body, I never thought it would take photos like these with such a nice depth of field! As for the film, I used an expired Kodak Colorplus 200.

Dealing with the Blues

While some days are as bright as the sunshine, some are cloudy and blue. For the down days, don’t worry. It’s normal to feel like a lazy bum or a dull potato sometimes. Don’t force yourself to do whatever it is that you need to do that causes you way too much stress to even function. Give yourself some time and get your well-deserved rest. How I usually approach this is that I treat myself. So, hello, stranger! If you feel a little blue today, go ahead and treat yo self!