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Adventures in Analogue #03

Funny backstory about this set is that I lost the camera that I used for these photos. Just kidding, it’s not funny, it’s heartbreaking, actually. I think I used a Nikon OneTouch Zoom AF with a built-in lens of 30-70mm. For its compact body, I never thought it would take photos like these with such a nice depth of field! As for the film, I used an expired Kodak Colorplus 200.

I remember that it was my third consecutive year of attending the Chinese New Year in Binondo with friends. But it was my first time to use film as a means of documenting the event. It was definitely a change as I did this.

I was so used to carrying a bulky camera during events. This was more efficient and it made me pay more attention to my surroundings rather than looking through the photos that I took digitally.

There were a lot of people, as you can see from the photos. But it was a blast to celebrate this kind of event with strangers since smiles were genuinely given throughout the day. People were really celebrating, kids and adults alike.

What made this day extra special is that I went on a photowalk with friends who share the same love for photography as I do. Another thing that made this memorable was that a lot of us were using film during that day.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what the white splatters are, it may be caused by the manong in charge of developing and damaged the roll. But I personally like it. I don’t know why, hahaha. But I hope this won’t happen to my future rolls!

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