Dealing with the Blues

While some days are as bright as the sunshine, some are cloudy and blue. For the down days, don’t worry. It’s normal to feel like a lazy bum or a dull potato sometimes. Don’t force yourself to do whatever it is that you need to do that causes you way too much stress to even function. Give yourself some time and get your well-deserved rest. How I usually approach this is that I treat myself. So, hello, stranger! If you feel a little blue today, go ahead and treat yo self!

Listen to your favorite songs! Make a playlist and fill it with songs that instantly put you in a good mood. To help you get started, I’ve embedded a playlist that I made a few months back that really help me cope with the dull days. Upbeat songs usually get me going! Songs that make me want to sing are also a plus.

Netflix and chill by yourself. Go ahead and binge watch a series you’ve been wanting to watch or eat a lot of chips as you watch your all-time favorite movie. Take this time to be entertained through your little screen.

Read a book. It may be a new one or it could be your favorite, you choose! I personally love reading self-help books that focus on how I can have a more positive outlook since it’s something that I strive for. I think that having a more positive outlook will help me channel my thoughts and energies to things that really matter and that are worthwhile.

Go on a food trip. Buy your favorite snack and just eat your feelings away. Being accompanied by your favorite food really helps ease the pain.

Keep a journal. This is something that has been of great help this year. While I usually make art and focus on visual representation of how I feel and what I think, writing also helps. If you’re a person who finds comfort in words, go ahead and write! Do whatever it is that makes you express yourself even more. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, too!

Go out for a walk. Let your feet take you to places! Get out there and pay attention to the details. You may travel to and from places without noticing a lot of stuff so this time, try to look at the simple things and appreciate them. This really helps me to clear my mind and it reminds me that I am bigger than my fears.

Some other things that I do when I’m down is I spend time cleaning my room, organizing my closet, taking the dogs out for a walk, waiting for the sunset or the sunrise, going off the internet until I feel better, and talking to friends and family.

This is just a short list of the things I do in order to survive a sappy day. It may be different for you but these really help me a lot. I suggest you try them too!

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