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Color Play #04

I’m back with another entry for the Color Play series! These photos may be familiar for some of you if you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ve posted some of these before on my other social media accounts but I haven’t shared it yet on my blog. This set was taken during my stay in an Airbnb near my school, a few days before the first part of my thesis defense.

I kept thinking back and forth if I should bring my camera or not prior to my stay but I’m glad I did anyway. It kept me sane through the days of staying in a lonely dorm room. (Yes, it was a dorm but it was listed as an Airbnb. If you’re interested, I can link you the place!)

The colors are a mix of a peachy orange shade, and a pink-ish lavender-ish shade. I love how they turned out! c:

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