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I’m graduating.

Like what I’ve always been saying in previous blog posts of mine, it was never an easy journey. Let me be honest and say that a big part of me wanted to give up already. If it weren’t for the people who were physically available to help me with my thesis production, who knows what I’m up to right now.

It was the most stressful year in my college life yet. One for the books, despite it being a really draining experience. But in totality, I know that my topic is something of importance to my chosen field, in its own little way.

I’d like to point out that I managed to pass my thesis with the help of my closest friends and newfound friends in college. They motivated me to keep on going. They weren’t just part of the brainstorming and production process, they were there for me and they managed all the fluctuations in my self-confidence.

So, here’s a big thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to go to PICC on March 2018 as a graduating student. Huge thanks also to my mentor who is so open and understanding with what’s been going on with my mind. He never failed to support me. Of course, thank you to my family for never failing to support me and with what I do.

To you, stranger, reader, friend, thank you. For being a witness to this journey. Thank you for the little messages of encouragement and all that. The little things do matter.

When my mentor announced that I passed, what immediately kicked in is this question: Now what? Yeah, typical things that pop in an overthinker’s mind. I don’t know what’s next but I’ll just continue to do my best in everything I do and slowly achieve my dreams one by one.

It’s all possible. It’s never easy, but it is possible. Believe in yourself when no one else will. Just continue to strive for the best and it will all be worth it.

Thank you, everyone.

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