Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz


Last January 20, I turned 22. Two years have passed of not celebrating my birthday due to: one, I didn’t feel like it; and two, school took over my life that I can’t even make myself feel special even on my special day. As negative as that sounds, it doesn’t matter now because I finally celebrated it this year with my family! It feels weird to be celebrating it again and I honestly developed this thinking or way of seeing birthdays as just another day where we expect to be treated in a more positive light but end up with really disappointing results. This is why I stopped bothering to even treat myself, my friends, or my family to a special day out to celebrate my birth or in this case, concluding another year of living in this world. Okay, I need to stop since this is becoming really sad, hahaha.

Soon the Moon

From Visible Illusions to Soon the Moon
My old blog was coined from a part of Phoenix’s Love Like a Sunset Part 1 where it says:
“Here comes, a visible horizon. Right where it starts and ends. Oh, and then we start the end. Here comes, a visible illusion. Oh, where it starts and ends. You’re like a sunset.”
And the blog title got stuck for years. I just like the word play, I guess.
Through time, I’ve developed into someone who just wants to keep chasing their dreams and turning fantasy to reality. Thus, Soon the Moon was coined. I came up with a lot of different choices for a new blog title but this was the one that I resonate with.

10 Questions to Reflect On for the Past Year

Hello, friends! I’m here to share a few reflections on how my year went—all wrapped up in one post! I got this idea from Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth on Youtube. She posted a video where she came up with 10 questions as part of her self-reflection for the past year. She got these questions from different articles which is why some of them are fairly similar with the direction of the questions. I wanted to try this out just to get a quick look back with how the year went for me. You are more than welcome to do it, too!

Anyway, let us move on with the questions!