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10 Questions to Reflect On for the Past Year

Hello, friends! I’m here to share a few reflections on how my year went—all wrapped up in one post! I got this idea from Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth on Youtube. She posted a video where she came up with 10 questions as part of her self-reflection for the past year. She got these questions from different articles which is why some of them are fairly similar with the direction of the questions. I wanted to try this out just to get a quick look back with how the year went for me. You are more than welcome to do it, too!

Anyway, let us move on with the questions!

Where were you this time last year?

About to start on my thesis, kind of clueless. Thinking of possible thesis topics and if I should pursue what I did in our research class (basically an introduction to thesis proper class).

Where are you this time of year?

Grad-waiting! Well there are a few things I need to arrange first with the school like the exit interview and such. But I can’t believe I’m just waiting for the time when I can actually say that I’m done with school and that I did it!

If you could describe the year in 3 words, what would they be?

My 2017 in three words would be: believe, wonder, and grow.

What are you grateful for?
  • One would be my relationships toward other people in general (family, friends, favorite person, mentor, etc.).
  • Another one would be my passions in life.
  • There’s also the idea of learning more about myself, which is a really important part of my growth, of course!
  • Actually discovering and meeting genuine people. These people have helped me when I needed people the most without the hopes of getting anything in return.
  • Life, basically!
What goals did you accomplish this year?
  • I’ll have to include my consistency with this blog despite the hectic schedule, hahaha. I really committed myself to this!
  • Passing my thesis, which leads to graduation as well.
  • Being more expressive with myself. May it be verbally or through my passions.
  • This is something I’m unsure of but I’d like to embrace how I’ve inspired people through the year. I’m not the best in anything I do but I know I’m the best at being myself and somehow that paved a way for me to inspire others.
  • Creating! Everything I’ve done throughout the year!

What goals did you not accomplish?

Not failing a class. Probably one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences of the year.
Committing to a zine I’ve launched together with my friends because of personal issues.
Going out for photo walks and photo shoots with friends and people from the interwebz.

What brought you the most joy in 2017?

Passing my thesis because I did not give up. But I’ll always keep in mind that I did not do this on my own and that there were a lot of people behind my success.

What habits have you acquired?

Blog posts/schedules, and a little makeup routine.

What old habits are you leaving?

  • As much as I want to say that it’s sleeping up late, I’ll go with not sleeping at all. We’ll see how this works, haha.
  • Another one would be junk food… but the kind of junk that you buy in sari-sari stores or convenience stores. I can’t give up fastfood because my family usually orders whenever we feel like we’re hungry huhu. But I guess I’ll lessen this as well.

What do you want to achieve in 2018?

  • More content. New and different stuff!
  • Shoot with friends and people in general.
  • Get a job? We’ll see!
  • Prioritize my health. Which means going to the clinic or hospital on my own to get myself checked.
  • Work out… hahaha! We’ll start with brisk walking or running.
  • Save money.
  • Learn how to cook actual food.
  • Go to more art events and interact with people!
  • Launch my Facebook page, huhu!

That’s all for this post! I hope this somehow made you take a look back at yours as well. I really love giving myself time to reflect on stuff like this as it gives me the motivation to just keep on moving and that every step counts. Thank you so much for being witnesses to my growth! I hope this year is nothing but more of that. :)

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