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Soon the Moon

From Visible Illusions to Soon the Moon
My old blog was coined from a part of Phoenix’s Love Like a Sunset Part 1 where it says:
“Here comes, a visible horizon. Right where it starts and ends. Oh, and then we start the end. Here comes, a visible illusion. Oh, where it starts and ends. You’re like a sunset.”
And the blog title got stuck for years. I just like the word play, I guess.
Through time, I’ve developed into someone who just wants to keep chasing their dreams and turning fantasy to reality. Thus, Soon the Moon was coined. I came up with a lot of different choices for a new blog title but this was the one that I resonate with.

Why Soon the Moon?

I wanted something catchy, but at the same time something that resonates with me, my personality, and my dreams. It’s like a goal of mine since I was a kid, and that is to become an astronaut and explore the cosmic realm. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and even beyond what we see in our surroundings right now. The extraterrestrial has always been a curiosity of mine which is why I really wanted to at least go to the moon. Soon, the moon. *wink*

This is a little reminder that I should keep on going and making my dreams come true. Just like the phases of the moon, everything is a cycle and that one mistake should not let me give up and let go of my dreams.

With this, Soon the Moon is the creative outlet slash online journal of Franchesca Cruz. Blog posts will consist of photography, poetry and prose, music, different reviews, and maybe even videos. Who knows what kind of interests I develop through time? All I know is that this is my little space on the world wide web and I’m ready to share it to the world.

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Photos and editing by Julian Semilla

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