Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Unboxing: StyleGenie's Surprise Me Express Smart Casual Box

Hello, friends! This is a blog post that is different from all my other posts, but this is just something that I’ve always wanted to venture into as a blogger. This is a Surprise Me Express Smart Casual Box from StyleGenie, which claims to be the first ever style subscription box in the country. Being someone who always dresses for comfort, I wanted to try something different and let the stylists from StyleGenie pick an outfit for me to wear.

Penpal Gift Swap with Mica

If you’ve been following or reading my blog for years, you’ll know how much I love handwritten letters and penpals in general. You might have seen some entries of mine where I started a personal penpal project and some other entries where I join international penpal exchanges too. This time, I decided to personally reach out to friends of mine I haven’t talked to or people I want to get to know and have a little penpal gift swap where we exchange packages on an agreed budget. We can send whatever we want to each other and probably things that remind us of the other person.

A Thrift Haul: Ukay-Ukay Hub Tagaytay

Thrift shopping is not new to me as I’ve been doing it for years already. But I’m still no thrift expert! I’m not really one who is dedicated to go through a lot of racks just to find the perfect clothing. I usually browse and skip a few racks here and there. Or the really lazy way is by staring at a rack and looking for an interesting pattern or fabric. It’s such a nice feeling to go home with a lot of items worth one shirt from the mall.