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A Thrift Haul: Ukay-Ukay Hub Tagaytay

Thrift shopping is not new to me as I’ve been doing it for years already. But I’m still no thrift expert! I’m not really one who is dedicated to go through a lot of racks just to find the perfect clothing. I usually browse and skip a few racks here and there. Or the really lazy way is by staring at a rack and looking for an interesting pattern or fabric. It’s such a nice feeling to go home with a lot of items worth one shirt from the mall.

I’m so glad I got to experience that same feeling again when I went thrift shopping in Tagaytay. I went to a place called Ukay-Ukay Hub and it’s located along E. Aguinaldo Highway and beside Olivarez Plaza. I’m glad I took the time to research about this place before going to Tagaytay. I managed to Google their location and surprise, surprise! They have a Facebook page. The place was so huge. The first part was filled with new arrivals and if you move towards the back, there are a bunch of stairs and that’s another section for accessories (bags, hats, etc.). If you move even further, there’s an entire section for the items on sale. Some are 50% off while others are 30%. What surprised me was that there were racks that were on sale for PHP 10 to PHP 40 each. What a steal!

Despite the ongoing sale, the items are not that cheap but comparing it to mall prices, it’s good enough for me. I managed to buy 5 items for a total of PHP 820. I know, this is probably way too much for something like thrift shopping. But it's good enough for me, as someone who rarely gets a chance to find pieces that are unique.

I can’t wait to show you the items that I got so let’s proceed with the try on!

The first item that I’m going to show you is this gray knitted top from the brand G2000. I think I got it around PHP 75 to PHP 105. I just thought of buying it since I lack plain and simple tops. Most of the tops that I own are either cropped tops or graphic tees.

The fabric is quite hard (hahaha, I don’t know how else to describe it) and is a bit sheer. A cute bralette would look cute with it or maybe a tube top. It won’t be that obvious but I think I’ll wear it with a cami top underneath.

The next item is another gray knitted top. It has this grid pattern all around which made me buy it. I think it could be worn as a vest but it looks oversized on me making it look like a shirt, hahaha. This is from the Giordano and I think I got it around PHP 75 to PHP 105 as well.

It’s soft and in good condition still. I’m not sure if it will look cute with a fitted white turtleneck but I guess I’ll try that out someday, hopefully!

This next top is a men’s polo. It’s from Marks & Spencer and it really looks oversized on me, as you can tell. I think I got this for PHP 110. A pretty good price, right? I tried wearing this like how the other girls would, as some sort of off-shoulder top. I’m digging it! Although I’ll probably wear this as a cardigan of some sort with a white shirt and denim shorts.

I’ve always wanted to own a polo like this so I grabbed it immediately from the rack. It has a really small hole on the end of the sleeve but I don’t really mind it. That’s the thing with me, I don’t mind wearing beaten up clothes, hahaha.

The next two items are my favorites and I’ve been looking for denim jackets in every thrift store I enter. I’m glad I stumbled upon these as they look like one of a kind pieces. I just grabbed them from the rack despite it being a new arrival—which meant that I had to get it for their actual price.

The first denim jacket is this with heart-shaped embroideries all over it. It fits me nicely unlike the other one! I think I got this one for PHP 220 to PHP 250. It’s from the brand Passé Gallery Warehouse & Co.

My concern about this jacket though is that the holes for the buttons aren’t actually holes. You still need to cut them, hahaha. I don’t know if you actually get it! But cutting it using an X-acto knife should do the trick.

This is the last item from this haul and this is probably at the top of the list. I really love the strips of fabric on the sleeves. I haven’t seen anything like this and it made me buy it. It looks so big on me but I’m digging the oversized look and I’ll probably pair this with fitted pants or leggings and a fitted or loose top, whichever I feel like wearing. I got this one for PHP 230 or PHP 250. Not really sure about it but this is the most expensive one from everything that I got. The tag says that its brand is Lucky yy.

Unlike the first denim jacket, this doesn’t have flaws. My only concern is how big it looks on me but I can still pull it off. I can’t wait to wear this out!

That’s all for this haul. Is this considered a haul though? I hope this post has been helpful to you in some way. I’ll post more about my thrift steals someday.

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