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Penpal Gift Swap with Mica

If you’ve been following or reading my blog for years, you’ll know how much I love handwritten letters and penpals in general. You might have seen some entries of mine where I started a personal penpal project and some other entries where I join international penpal exchanges too. This time, I decided to personally reach out to friends of mine I haven’t talked to or people I want to get to know and have a little penpal gift swap where we exchange packages on an agreed budget. We can send whatever we want to each other and probably things that remind us of the other person.

For the first of this series (not sure if this will be a series or an actual project but I really love curating items and making art for my friends), I swapped with Mica Abesamis. If you don’t know her, she’s a photographer and we’ve been friends since 2012, I think. (Fun fact: We became friends thanks to Tumblr!) It’s been months or even more than a year when we last saw each other which makes this penpal gift swap a cute way of updating each other with our lives or even just treating each other out.

With this, I’m going to do an unboxing of what I got from Mica!

Right off the bat, the first thing I notice is this handwritten note from Mica where she explained why she chose these items for me. I had to edit a name out. Hahaha! We’re evil twins because we share the same birth month and funny enough, I was born on the 20th while she was born on the 21st!

One of my favorite items from the package are these hoop earrings. I’ve been wanting to buy my own pair for months already but I never found the time (and money) to do so. I’m glad Mica was able to get me a pair. She also got a pair similar to these and she told me that we can wear this when we want to be extra. However, this is probably something I wouldn’t wear as these are way too huge. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll get what I mean by this.

The next thing I notice are these Stranger Things button pins! I cannot stress enough how much I love this show. Mica also shares this love for the show and the cast as well. I really like El here. C:

The next items I gravitate to are these cute face sheet masks from Watsons. I haven’t tried any of their masks but I’m a sucker for these and Mica knows it!

Of course, what’s a gift for me without blank notebooks? Or in this case, a notepad. I’m really excited to use these and carry it around with me. This is perfect for sudden burst of ideas whenever I’m out.

This one surprised me the most and I actually tried using this already. I used to use an eyelash curler from some brand and I keep on squishing my left eyelids when I use them—making this item a perfect gift for me! I used this without hesitation and they fit nicely when I curl my lashes unlike the one I use. Thanks, Mica!

Fun fact: My sock drawer is overflowing with pairs of socks and most of them, I don’t even use. But you can never go wrong with gifting me another pair. *wink wink* I really love this because it’s not like my usual pairs and I think this will look good with black loafers or dark toned brogues or oxfords!

Underneath the pile of items is another face mask. I haven’t researched about this yet but I’m excited to try this out. Mica just spoiled me with these face masks, hahaha.

One of the last items in the box is this paperback novel called Why We Broke Up. I’ve been seeing this around for years but I never really felt the curiosity to even read what it’s about. But randomly flipping through the pages made me want to read this. It’s also been a while since I last read a book like this so thank you so much, evil twin! Will surely add this on my to-read list.

Last but definitely not least, a handwritten letter. I really love this so much and this made me miss Mica even more. Thank you so much, Mica, for all of these! I really love everything that I received. I hope you love the things I gifted you as well!

That’s everything I got from this penpal gift swap. I’m currently working on a few more to send out to my friends and newfound friends. Can’t wait to make more stuff for them too!

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