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Unboxing: StyleGenie's Surprise Me Express Smart Casual Box

Hello, friends! This is a blog post that is different from all my other posts, but this is just something that I’ve always wanted to venture into as a blogger. This is a Surprise Me Express Smart Casual Box from StyleGenie, which claims to be the first ever style subscription box in the country. Being someone who always dresses for comfort, I wanted to try something different and let the stylists from StyleGenie pick an outfit for me to wear.

Note: This is a post that was in my queue way back November 2017 and StyleGenie has up their game. I’m thinking of availing a box again just to compare it from this first try, haha. Anyway, please keep in mind that I wrote this months ago which makes the possibility of StyleGenie having a different service (probably better) than the time I tried it!

Before I get started on the unboxing part, I’ll give a quick run down with how I managed to receive this box. My curiosity for this service has been in my mind for weeks already and then one random day, I read a Facebook post of theirs saying that from a box of 899, I can get an Express Smart Casual Box for only 500! I got it for a total of PHP 599 since the shipping fee was PHP 99.

Alright, first thing’s first: creating a profile. You can either click the “Get Styled” button from their homepage or the “Create a Profile” option from their menu. On to the Create a Profile option, you will be asked if this is your first time filling out the quiz, if you’re updating your answers, or if you just want to order again. You will then be asked of the reason why you’re opting to try StyleGenie out. I personally chose option C: “It’s time to update my look”. Because like what I said earlier, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see how other people will style me without staying with my go-to comfort clothes, which are usually consists of a shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers.

The next steps include the basics and it even asks for your skin tone (which helps the stylists maximize the potential of the outfit), size (self-explanatory), height, and even the specific sizes of your bra, shirt, and pants. This will really make sure that the size/s of the outfit you get, if not perfect, is near perfect fitting. The next batch of questions include your preferences. This section includes the features you’d like to emphasize, and other body parts you’re a bit uneasy to show. They’ll also ask you with colors and patterns you love and not love wearing. To be even more specific, you can provide links of outfits you really like and even your style icon!

So that’s the whole quiz experience. It then follows the usual steps of ordering online: personal information necessary for shipping, payment details, order confirmation, payment confirmation, and the actual shipping of the box. It took a week after ordering and 4 days after payment confirmation until I finally received my order.

Ta-dah! I love the personal touches of the box. It gave me that special treatment kind of vibe. It’s really simple but it let me know that this service really is hands on with every order they get.

The box isn’t the sturdiest but it’s an okay quality kind of packaging. If you look closely, you’ll see a few creases on the top part. I guess it all depends on the courier’s handling. The thing about the packaging though is that it’s not sealed, and you can easily slide it and open the package. This could be an issue but I guess they trust their couriers so much so I guess that’s fine. Or maybe it’s because I’m from Metro Manila and it doesn’t take much time for the actual shipping. I don’t really know, hahaha. Anyway, opening the box reveals this wrapping paper with the pattern of their logo, just like the box.

As you open it further, you’re surprised with a handwritten note personally from the stylist plus a bonus of a discount code when subscribing to a monthly plan! The handwritten note was a lovely touch. Knowing my sentimental and old school self, I’m such a sucker for these things and this definitely made my day, besides the thrill of receiving my order.

For the Express Smart Casual box, I received two items for an outfit. A pleated velvet skirt and an off-shoulder top. This is what the stylist, JP, called in his note as a “classic-romantic” look.

Each of the item has a tag that says “Do not remove this tag. Items can only be returned if tag is still attached and garment is unworn except for trying-on.” The bottom part has a link for more information on their exchange policy. (Yes, no refunds, just exchange.) When I ordered this, they used to have a 7-day allowance for the request for exchange. But they recently updated it to a 30-day allowance. You can read more about it here.

The first item from the box is this gray pleated velvet skirt that runs from my waist to a few inches under my knees. It has slits on its side and adds a more feminine touch to the clothing. It also has a layer of thin, somewhat sheer, black cloth underneath and runs until the start of the slit. I do have a few issues about this piece, though. The garter is like an inch and a half thick and it looks distracting for me. It just looks bulky when worn. The garter also sometimes twists in a really awkward way and I had a hard time trying to fix it back. But like what I said, I’m all for trying out something new that’s why I decided to keep this in my wardrobe. I thought of wearing this for Halloween (I went as a generic witch, lol) but I can’t find a top I already own that I can pair with this skirt.

The next item is a black off-shoulder top. I’ve always wanted an off-shoulder top and it made me kind of like this piece. The details on the sleeves were a cute touch too! You can tie the ends as a ribbon and adds a bit of character to the outfit.

One thing to note is that the material is sheer so even if it’s black, you can still somewhat see through the fabric. I’m not in love with this piece but it’s something new to my wardrobe and I know that there is a big possibility that I’ll use it in the near future.

If I were to wear both pieces in an outfit, I don’t really think I’ll be comfortable wearing them. To be honest, I’m quite confused if they’re really meant to be worn at the same time because I don’t see it forming a cohesive outfit. I’d insert a photo of me wearing the outfit, but I haven’t had the time to do that, hahaha. I did try it but I didn’t like it. But I’m open to trying the pieces on separate outfits.

The whole experience was really fun and I’d love to do it again. It was such a thrill to order something not knowing what you’ll receive. It’s like buying yourself something for Christmas with the actual element of surprise in it. It’s also such a lovely experience knowing that actual stylists evaluated your quiz and your style; and that they came up with an outfit that they think would look great on you.

As an overall review of the whole service and the items, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 because despite it being such a fun experience, I honestly think that the materials aren’t the best. It’s okay that I got it on sale but if I were to buy it for the regular price with this quality, I’d opt for something else. But on another note, it’s the actual experience that I really value from this service. I just hope they’ll up their game when it comes to the quality of the items. But, yes, I’ll be on the lookout for more discount codes and promos and I might try their other boxes as well.

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