Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Art Fair Philippines 2018

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to create something that I can produly share to the world. One little step to achieve this is to expose myself through other’s works.

Immersing myself to art and being surrounded by works of artists really brings out emotions that I can’t explain. I feel like there are not right words to express the whole experience of being able to witness works of renowned and budding artists alike. Sublime–I guess, that’s one way of putting it. There’s a sense of sublimity especially in works that really speak to me. This year’s Art Fair was able to make me feel this enigmatic feeling through some artworks once again.

Graduation: Concluding Years of Lessons and Realizations

It still feels surreal and all my life I’ve been working so hard to make it to this point. Despite having goals and dreams for the far future, when you’ve achieved a goal you’ve been working on for decades, it’s as if you’re clueless as to what your next move will be. School has been part of my daily routine and in some way, it’s become a comfort zone of mine (despite it triggering so much negative emotions, hahaha). But now that I’m done, it’s as if I have no idea with what’s next. (Copied this from my Facebook post, hahaha!)