Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Journal 01: Moonbeam

In attempts to have a different mode of expressing how I’ve been feeling last year, I started a journal. I was pretty confused with how to start with the journal but I was able to channel my frustrations, happiness, and visions of hope in a little notebook. It became some sort of refuge for me. My works may not be visually pleasing but it really housed all my hopes and frustrations and that was exactly what I needed.

Old Habits Die Hard: A Beauty and Skincare Haul

The first quarter of the year was the worst case of impulsive buying. Aside from the clothing haul and other stuff I’ve accumulated in a span of four months(including December 2017), a big portion of my wallet’s mourning went to beauty and skincare products. And of course, I have a list of excuses but the number one excuse I kept telling (and lying) to myself is that I had to treat myself and that I deserve this after one tough year. Sure, it’s valid. But once you see my expenses, you’ll know that my wallet has been through a lot.I have so many products to share withal of you!

This is surely a long read. Most of the items are from my own budget but some of them are gifted to me. (Bless these people.) I'm no beauty or skincare guru and I’m a beginner about these things so please bear with me when I comment about the products. I’ll try to include a brief review or impression on the products I’ve already tried and used.

RA & Gowoori Brand Launch (Philippines)

Over a month ago, a Korean skincare brand was launched in the Philippines. The brand RA&Gowoori is a brand that has been present in the Korean market for years already. If you’re interested to read more about the story of the brand, my friend Patricia wrote a blog entry similar to this and she also shared her knowledge about the brand which is really interesting! It was also discussed in the event when the company president, Mr. Lee Eung-Kwan, shared the journey of the brand and how it all came to the day where they launched it here in the country thanks to Mrs. Melissa Lee and Mr. Lee Sang In.

Adventures in Analogue #04

This film photograph series is back! This is my first post about it for this year. I still have a lot of photos to share with everyone but the most recent ones are really low in quality so I’ll have to figure out how to present them or even edit them to the closest color possible (since I used a cheap film scanner, hahaha). Anyway, let’s move on with this series!