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Adventures in Analogue #04

This film photograph series is back! This is my first post about it for this year. I still have a lot of photos to share with everyone but the most recent ones are really low in quality so I’ll have to figure out how to present them or even edit them to the closest color possible (since I used a cheap film scanner, hahaha). Anyway, let’s move on with this series!

The set above are memoirs from my college days. These photos were taken using Penny, my Pentax ME Super (which I sold a few years later) and an expired Kodak Color Plus 200 film roll. Most of the photos here are random snaps since I was just starting with film photography and my lazy self didn’t even try to properly use the viewfinder.

This is Pepper, our pet beagle. She’s turning 6 this year and she gave birth last 2016 to 5 baby beagles! It was such a heartwarming experience watching the puppies grow.

If you’ve been following me for a while, it’s a possibility that this photo and the next one are already familiar to you. These last two are some of my favorites because I got to capture such a genuine moment.

It reflects how Filipino kids are always game to smile for a photo no matter the situation. And an even bigger point to this is how they always find happiness in the simplest (and even the unexpected) things.

I hope this series still has a place in your heart! Film photography is still a part of the many things I love. I’m still looking forward to learning more about it. If anyone is interested with film photography, I made a previous blog post about my experience with it (and what I know). It might be of help.

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