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Journal 01: Moonbeam

In attempts to have a different mode of expressing how I’ve been feeling last year, I started a journal. I was pretty confused with how to start with the journal but I was able to channel my frustrations, happiness, and visions of hope in a little notebook. It became some sort of refuge for me. My works may not be visually pleasing but it really housed all my hopes and frustrations and that was exactly what I needed.

There was a previous post about this first journal but it was still a work in progress back then. I showed a few of my works that I really liked. This time, I’m showing everything through gifs of a flip through. But because of the limitations with the gifs and all, I had to turn them into black and white. I’ll show some of my favorite works too!

This journal is called Moonbeam, from a word that I really like. Also, drawing squiggly lines slash waves slash hair has always been something that was somewhat therapeutic to me. I almost always draw this back in college when the lecture bore my spirit, hahaha.

This spread houses my first attempt in block poetry and an accident. The left side was a really weird attempt on block poetry as I am a frustrated poet and I’ve always loved word play. I’d love to learn more, though. The right side was when I was trying to paint a pattern on a sheet of watercolor paper but it was too much and I pressed it on this side of the journal. I like how it ended up. c:

For the left side of this spread, these are random phrases I’ve written thrice with the first part using the verbs in the present tense. Then the next times I’ve written this piece were in the past tense and with this one, the future tense. I was feeling blue that day but I tried to pull myself up and jot down how I feel, felt, and will feel. The right side is one of my favorites. I tried to do a gradient painting on watercolor paper and then attached it to the journal. I drew my favorite squiggly lines and until it started to look like waves.

I wanted to try making analog collages but I stumbled upon this poem from our school publication with the corresponding art on the right. I knew I had to keep this as a reminder of some sort–an inspiration. I don’t know if you can read it but it’s something that really speaks to me. It remind me of my favorite hooman, hehe. The art is something that inspires me as well. I just cut out a yellow blob as a backdrop for the silhouette of the people hugging.

Here is a random face study where I painted random blobs in warm tones and drew faces in them. It’s a nice exercise and I’ll do something like this again. I enjoyed doing this too! I believe I got this from a YouTuber. I’ll try to edit this post and link the video once I find out where I got it.

I had some spare origami paper, which was a gift from a friend years ago. And decided to create something out of it. I think I’ll try this style again, the whole incorporating paper, paint, and mixed media in general.

Another one that was inspired from a school publication was this. I really love the artwork and connected the other squiggly lines to the red origami paper as an accent. I also wrote something that was inspired by the artwork.

I’m currently working on another small but thick art journal. This time, it’s purely art. I wanted to focus on illustrating and painting that’s why I haven’t expressed my emotions in written form in quite a while. I’ll post updates once I come up with works I’m proud of. I’ll also do a flip through of the journal once it’s done.

I do hope this inspired you in some way! Please share your works and favorite artists too! I’d love to learn more!

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