Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Penpal Gift Swap with Pia

Waking up to packages is one of my favorite things in the world. This time, it wasn’t another random splurge from the internet, but a penpal gift swap with one of my favorite people on the internet, Pia or as how I call her, Pea. We’ve been friends for more than a year and we haven’t met yet—which makes this exchange extra exciting! Like a majority of my internet friendships, we met through Tumblr. I started blogging again in this platform last 2016 and she was one of the people I knew I had to follow for her content and overall approach when it comes to blogging. I’m certain that we share a lot of things in common but this gift swap wasn’t that easy, hahaha! I had to pick items that reminded me of her or even things I’d like her to try out but still fit our agreed budget. Let me tell you, I did a crappy job but Pia nailed it. (She really did!!!)

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2018 (Philippines)

Last February 16 to 25, Big Bad Wolf Books held a huge book sale at World Trade Center in Pasay City. This was the first time I’ve heard such fair which made me look more into this so called event. What I’ve learned is that this is a yearly book fair in Malaysia which started way back 2009. And for the first time, they managed to hold one in the Philippines! You may have been to a lot of book fairs but what made this special is we can go whenever we want since it was open 24 hours a day. Imagine browsing for books and buying affordable reads anytime you want to!

Playing with Portraits

One of my new year’s resolutions is to practice portraiture. I’ve always wanted to try taking photos of people. It’s a rare occasion for me to shoot people unless it’s for their profile picture on Facebook or a group photo for their Instagram account. I’m glad that I was able to practice and know my “capability” when it comes to portraiture last January 31st.