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Penpal Gift Swap with Pia

Waking up to packages is one of my favorite things in the world. This time, it wasn’t another random splurge from the internet, but a penpal gift swap with one of my favorite people on the internet, Pia or as how I call her, Pea. We’ve been friends for more than a year and we haven’t met yet—which makes this exchange extra exciting! Like a majority of my internet friendships, we met through Tumblr. I started blogging again in this platform last 2016 and she was one of the people I knew I had to follow for her content and overall approach when it comes to blogging. I’m certain that we share a lot of things in common but this gift swap wasn’t that easy, hahaha! I had to pick items that reminded me of her or even things I’d like her to try out but still fit our agreed budget. Let me tell you, I did a crappy job but Pia nailed it. (She really did!!!)

Let me share you what she got me!

She started with this short but heartwarming message. Seriously, she’s one of the people I look up to when it comes to writing. She made me feel all sorts of emotions just reading this note. Thank you so much, Pea! You inspire me as well!

For the love of tote bags and dogs, she got me a tote bag with a pug design on it!!! This is so cute! Even my mom made an “aw” reaction when I showed this to her, hahaha. You can never have too many tote bags, friends! This can be used as an actual bag for going out but this can come in handy when you go to the grocery and not have an eco-bag with you. This is a great alternative.

Probably my favorite item in this box, this publication from her school made me relate so much. It’s a compilation of photographs and artworks by different students. This showcased the different things we see on our daily commute and how entertaining it is to watch the road during the whole trip. That’s one thing I do whenever I go out.

These are just some of my favorite spreads from the whole book. Really loving the layout and how each spread vibes with each other visually. This is a great source of inspiration. This made me realize how I need to invest on quality materials such as this one. Thank you so much for this, Pea!

A cute little sketch pad with a moon and nature design? Yes! Yet again, Pia nailed it! It made me a bit worried whether I’ll be able to use this or not since I’m one of those people who prefer blank notebooks than lined ones. But thank goodness, this one’s blank and I can use it for notes and sketches, depending on what I feel like using it for! I’m leaning towards using this as another art journal or perhaps something I’d bring with me everyday when I feel like sketching fragments and not actual works.

She knows my love for skincare and of course, what would this gift swap be without any face masks, hahaha! These are super cute and I’ll try them once I feel like pampering myself.

Okay, my initial reaction to this was, “Oh no, another lip product!” I tweeted a while back with how I own so much lip products but only have a pair of lips, hahaha! But to my surprise, this is actually a lip balm! I wasn’t sure with the shade at first but it’s a good MLBB (my lips but better) shade. It gives my lips a glossy finish and it really does help it stay moisturized. (Hehe, yes, I immediately tried it after taking a photo of it, hahaha.)

This cute necklace reminded me of the style of some decades ago. And of course, it made its comeback in the fashion world for a few years already (I think). I can’t wait to wear this with an all white or all black outfit. I think this will look good as a pop of color!

Another one of my favorites from this package are these rings! I’ve been wanting to get some for myself but I haven’t had the time and money to do it, hahaha. Thanks for this, Pea! I’m now more determined to start a collection of my own.

Though these three were too big on me, I appreciate how they can all be adjusted to fit my fingers, huhu. I really like the one with the leaves on it! Can’t wait to buy some for myself. C:

This beautiful being also got me these earrings! I think she's fully aware that I am fan of earrings which made her purchase these for me. I'm really digging dangling earrings lately.

And for the final items, she gave me three iron on patches! My favorite is the typewriter design. It really calls out to me and Pia knows how much of an old soul I am. I want to use these as designs for blank tote bags or bucket hats. I can’t wait to figure out what to do with these!

That’s basically it! Pia spoiled me so much and I really feel shy with the things I got her, hahaha! Some were really random but I felt like she’d appreciate it, huhu. Thank you for letting me receive this super cute package and thanks for letting me curate something for you as well. It was also nice to learn more about you through the items you gave me, hahaha. I’ll do better next time. ☻

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