Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Date with Myself: Unwinding Indoors

Being an introvert, going out with friends and family sometimes tire me when it happens consecutively for a couple of days. This is why a much needed alone time is something that I always find myself yearning for. If I ended up getting really tired from going out for days, I usually spend time indoors and binge watch on Netflix and YouTube. Not the best habit, that’s for sure. But this time, I challenged myself to try and do the things that I enjoy doing within the comforts of the four walls in my room.

I gave myself a much needed alone time and treated myself to a date. There were 10 things that made sure I spoiled myself a bit. If you’d like to know what they were, then keep on reading this post!

Postcard Collective: Winter 2018 Exchange

Almost a year ago, my friend Regina suggested that I should join The Postcard Collective’s exchanges. She introduced this as some sort of art exchange from people all over the globe through the form of postcards wherein there is a corresponding theme for the exchanges. The exchanges are held every season.

Now what?

As attached I am with my thoughts, I’ve started to realize how I’ve been so detached to people. Choosing to stay alone in my room than going out to catch up with people I know I truly miss has a lot to say. As I try to find the reasons behind such decisions, I sometimes blame my Capricorn sun and moon for being emotionally reserved (no joke, I really do, hahaha).