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Date with Myself: Unwinding Indoors

Being an introvert, going out with friends and family sometimes tire me when it happens consecutively for a couple of days. This is why a much needed alone time is something that I always find myself yearning for. If I ended up getting really tired from going out for days, I usually spend time indoors and binge watch on Netflix and YouTube. Not the best habit, that’s for sure. But this time, I challenged myself to try and do the things that I enjoy doing within the comforts of the four walls in my room.

I gave myself a much needed alone time and treated myself to a date. There were 10 things that made sure I spoiled myself a bit. If you’d like to know what they were, then keep on reading this post!

One: Go Off the Grid (kind of)

This idea is has been wandering in my mind for months already and I finally tried it. I initially wanted to do it for a whole weekend but I know that it’s kind of risky, considering that a big part of my relationships with people were built on social media.

The thing is, I communicate with my favorite hooman and my family via Messenger. I was unsure if I should add this to the applications on my phone that I wouldn’t use. But since this is where I get updates and messages about important tasks, I added this as an exception.

I only used my social media applications when I woke up just to see if someone needed anything. After making sure that I didn’t need to do anything or even talk to anyone for work related purposes, I enabled the airplane mode on my phone (but still keeping Messenger via laptop open) and started a date for one.

Two: Watch

The one thing I find myself doing and is probably the easiest form of treating myself is watching a bunch of series or movies. I already mentioned this earlier but I’ll say it again for anyone who doesn’t feel like doing much. I usually get a bag of chips and a few sweet treats and call it a date for one.

For this date, I watched a ton of Friends episodes while munching on a few snacks here and there.

Three: Read

If there’s one way to escape reality for even just one bit, reading a book is a good way to do so. I’ve been stuck with a book that I’ve started reading earlier this year. I was torn whether to read a new book that I got from a recent book sale or continue on with the book I’ve yet to finish. As I thought it through, I found myself feeling the need to finish the book that I already started as I am not one who likes to read multiple books at a time. This book is called I Want to be Happy: How to Live a Happy Life by Harriet Griffey. I’m a huge fan of self help books and this is a good read. A lot of the content answered some things that have been bugging me for months already.

Four: Remember

As I work on a lot of things, especially organizing files and/or random areas in my bedroom, I always get distracted when I stumble upon old things such as photographs, videos, and random trinkets. I always find myself taking some time to pause and reminisce about it even if I should be doing something else. Reliving the good old days is always something that I enjoy. It brings me comfort and this sense of home. So for this activity, I took my box of instant photos and old letters and just went through them.

Five: Create

Easily a favorite, creating any form of art has been a place of comfort for me, especially when it’s something I’m not required to do (*cough* art school *cough*). For this activity, I thought of either drawing on my journal or editing something for my YouTube channel. I ended up painting sunsets using watercolor and I did a bad job at it. Still, I’m happy I managed to create something again after so long.

Six: Express

Whenever I’m bored, I sometimes like to play with my makeup looks, especially eyeshadow. I feel like a makeup look can never be dull with the right eyeshadow look (other than the obvious lip shade/finish). I like experimenting with colors and trying different color combinations. Sometimes I end up with looks that I’ll actually wear out for an everyday look, glammed up look, or a just because look. I love how makeup is a mode of expression for someone and that definitely includes me.

Seven: Document

Of course, going out on dates with my favorite hooman involves documenting the moment, so why not document this date with myself? I missed taking photographs via instant camera so I used my Instax camera for this activity. The first three shots were bad since I turned off the flash. But the next three, I’m pretty happy with how it looked!

Eight: Dance

With the right music, you can achieve any mood you want. Just to loosen up and feel more of myself, I listened to songs that made me want to dance and shake it up a bit. Dancing really helps me feel carefree despite being someone who knows nothing about actual dancing, hahaha! One song I’m currently obsessed with and I really love dancing to is Anderson .Paak’s ‘Til It’s Over.

Nine: Pamper

To fully treat myself, a pamper session is a must! This is one of my favorite things to unwind. I wanted to put on a face mask since I have a stash waiting around to be used but I decided to soak some cotton squares in my HG toner and left them on my face as if I put on a face mask.

Ten: Relax

Finishing the date off with a relaxation session is a great way to really give myself that quality time alone. I initially wanted to do a bit of meditation session through a phone application I used to use before I went to bed but I had troubles finding that (since I’m currently using a different phone as of the moment). I just ended up using my mom’s essential oil concoction for relaxation where she used a bunch of EO’s with my favorite, the lavender essential oil, which never fails to put me in a calm mood. I just lied down and tried to clear my mind and eventually drifted to sleep.

So that’s how my indoor date went! It’s really fun to spend some quality time alone and it kind of resets my mind and mood altogether. This made me realize that I should do this often and that unwinding doesn’t necessarily require for it to be done in the great outdoors. I’m planning to do another one of this but an outdoor version. Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas with how you unwind and spend time with yourself!

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