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Penpal Project [CLOSED]

Hello, friends! I’ve always wanted a pen pal since I was a kid and I’ve always been a fan of handwritten letters. I’m a sentimental type of person. I always bring a camera with me to document the happy memories and all the beautiful things I witness in life.

So, I thought of offering a little thing to you people: let’s exchange letters! I know, I sound so old school and e-mail exists but I really like handmade things because you exert effort to achieve a masterpiece for someone you really value. Plus, it brings out your personality in every craft you make. So, with this, let’s exchange snail mails! You can send a handwritten letter, block poetry, doodles, art works, random photos or collages, postcards, basically anything you made! You can write about anything! You can even send your unsent letters to me. Just express yourself and I’ll enjoy reading and viewing your majestic works for sure. *wink wink*

I really appreciate receiving things and I love love love preparing something for people. We’ll exchange letters/whatever artsy thing you want to share and I’ll send my response through snail mail as well. This can be a one time thing or it can go on for who knows how long (as long as we don’t break the streak).

I hope some of you will message me and participate in this small project. I’ll probably scan your masterpieces and have them posted here some time soon. (As long as someone participates, lol)

So, yeah! Send me a message here on Tumblr or maybe an e-mail ( if you’re interested. Please don’t forget to include your name, Tumblr url, birth date, mailing address and a brief bio that will help me create a special something for you. I’ll start working on your letters (and artworks!!!!) by August since I have a month-long break during that time.

Directions on how to send or ship the letter/parcel have different options:

Option 1: Through PhlPost

You can send the letter through PhlPost. Just go to their site and look for the nearest branch from your place. You can also check the rates through this link. As for the step-by-step process, you can check this link.

Option 2: Through LBC or other couriers

You can also try shipping companies to get your letter or parcel sent. You may go and look for the nearest branch from your place over here. You can check their rates here.

For other couriers, here is a short list of options for you:

And here’s a useful post regarding a review about some of the said couriers above.

I hope you found these useful! If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to message me here or through e-mail. Thank you in advance and I hope to get to know you guys ~more~ soon! :)

PS: If you’re also game for a collaboration (an exclusive one or whatever), pitch your ideas through my e-mail. I’d love to work with you guys!

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