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Hey, stranger

No doubt, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Though the month of July went by so slowly. My heart felt so full yet so empty all at once. I haven’t felt this confused in so long. But for a whole month, it took over my mind and my heart. I’ve been struggling to put my experiences and feelings to words that’s why I’ve been postponing this apology (of some sort to you, dearest stranger). I realized that I can’t force myself to use words as mere explanations or descriptions of everything I’m feeling right now. I don’t think it will do any justice.

Moments are fleeting.

Feelings are fading.

People are changing.

Everything is temporary.

Things will always be uncertain, but I guess nothing is ever permanent.

Up to this day, I feel overwhelmed with all the emotions and thoughts that keep on resurfacing. But to anyone who is concerned, please know that I am okay and that I am slowly picking myself up, one step at a time. There may be times that I fall back to the same place I’ve been stuck in for weeks, but please know that I am determined to get out of this. It will surely be a long journey, but I’m learning bit by bit.

If you're going through something similar, please know that this is just a bump along the road. We're all human, bound to make mistakes. Forgive yourself in order to forgive others who may have hurt you. Love and accept yourself. Another important thing is that we must learn to get back up again. I hope life is treating you well, despite of whatever you're going through. I hope you get to witness the sunsets and sunrises as often as you can. I hope you're staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.

Take care of yourself, stranger.

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