Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

A Little Offbeat

It's no doubt that I've been itching for months already to create things, especially the unusual. I know for a fact that I need to go out of my comfort zone in order to reconnect and learn more about myself. This is what I need most in my life, in a time where I am the most confused and lost. This is what my soul needs. This is what I must seek.

Mundane Makeup Essentials

Since I’m someone who travels day-to-day via commute, and usually via jeepney, touchups are essential for me. When I go out on the daily, I bring a little makeup bag with me with my necessities to survive the day. The goal here is to still look presentable and fresh despite the hot and humid weather plus the heavy traffic in Manila. I’d like to share my mundane makeup essentials that never leave my bag.

A Change of Scenery

I always find myself decorating the different areas of my room, despite being such a clutter machine. Filling the walls with memories really made me feel comfortable and most importantly, inspired and motivated! But as I got used to it, I knew that I had to mix things up a bit. As much as I love the visuals on my wall, it is time to change it.