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A Change of Scenery

I always find myself decorating the different areas of my room, despite being such a clutter machine. Filling the walls with memories really made me feel comfortable and most importantly, inspired and motivated! But as I got used to it, I knew that I had to mix things up a bit. As much as I love the visuals on my wall, it is time to change it.

Filled with old instant photos and prints from my friends, this wall has been a part of my home for around two years (I think). I really enjoy surrounding myself with a lot of visuals because it fuels my imagination and it even gets me to remember the particular moments of each photo from the many instant photos on my wall. I've always been a sentimental person and this is just putting these things to good use. Since I still have a few items that I can use as displays, I decided to stop wasting time and finally redecorate my photo wall.

I spent a few good hours looking through my boxes of art, photos, and letters from friends. I picked a few ones that I really liked and took my time to sort them out into something that (I hope) would make sense. There weren't much items to work with for this new little project. But I managed to pick a few ones that I know I'll enjoy waking up to for the next months.

Apologies for the blurry photo, but this is what I ended up with. It's nowhere near crisp and complete but I'm happy with how it turned out so far. I'm planning to get more prints and create more art for my own consumption (or probably sell them as prints too). If you look at it, I tried my best to stay away from the usual grid pattern that I've always leaned to. But I ended up going with it, though it's not the usual symmetrical grid pattern I used to go for. There's asymmetry, yes, and it honestly irks me. I'll add more things here and there, as soon as I get my hands on new art!

A big thanks to my friends for gifting me with amazing art prints. You all inspire me so much! I love supporting my friends with their dreams and it's truly one of my purposes in life (not even kidding). There's an artwork on my wall that I actually made a month ago. I'm quite happy with it and I'd love to learn to make more of it. c: Another work of mine is something that I made for our architectural design class, hahaha. I really liked it and I'd love to make a refined version of it!

One of my favorites on the wall are these risograph prints from Bad Student. Thanks, Pau, for sending these in! I knew I had to put them on my wall somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post. If you have suggestions on where I could get more prints and artworks for my wall, please leave a comment of their link or where I could get them. Thank you!

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