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An Art Journal Update

We only have a few more weeks before the year ends, yet this small art journal of mine is not even halfway through. This is Bloom, an art journal that I started working on last August 12, 2017. It served as another one of the many places I go back to when I have bursts of creativity that needed to be turned into reality.

This tiny journal has grown really thick and though it looks weird, I'm happy that I still stick with this every now and then. There were times back then that I'd start working on an art journal only to find myself ditching it after a few weeks. With this, I'd like to share some works with you that I'm quite pleased about. I hope this serves as a source of inspiration to you somehow. c:

This was one of my first few works in this art journal. I really spent quality time to put my imagination to the works. My favorite part about this is the dried flowers! I remember that I had a lot of dried flowers in my room and I just wanted to try incorporating it to an artwork.


From left to right, the first one is a recreation of Vincent Van Gogh's Cypresses. The middle one is just a colored paper with random doodles of different celestial bodies. I really like how it turned out. The last one is a random artwork that I found myself creating for a couple of times since it has been a while since I last worked with watercolor.

This spread is inspired by portraits that were taken by my friend Mica Abesamis. I really love her photographs and these particular ones made me want to create something out of them. I used acrylic paint as the borders for this spread.

These are inspired from really nice Pinterest posts I found a while back. I used watercolor pencils for this. I developed a newfound love for drawing in one or two colored pencils rather than the usual black or granite ones.

Another work using colored pencils. This time, I used a yellow colored paper as a background. Don't mind the color of the washi tape! I know it isn't the best for this, hahaha! My reference photos are from Pinterest as well.

The one on the left is a spread using black ink pen. The one on the right are random sketches of everyday scenes in my life. I wanted to try drawing something "architectural" for once.

The first one is a spread where I covered it in red acrylic paint and used a white pen to recreate some scenes from a trip and from my childhood. The last one is a doodle of random faces that I really enjoyed doing. I found myself doing this for another round and my wrist ended up feeling reaaaaally tired with all the details with each face.

Of course, what is a Franchesca Cruz art journal without random squiggly lines? This really calms my mind and it will definitely be something that I will continue to create for the rest of my life. c: 

So far, those are my favorite works in this art journal. I hope you enjoyed having a little peek in my current art journal. I'm not even halfway with this tiny notebook but I will make sure that I finish it some time soon. If you ever find yourself in a really confusing state or even a down one, don't hesitate to start something like this of your own. It really does help. You don't have to be someone gifted with artistic skills. This is a space of your own, make it yours.

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