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Colourpop Haul

The makeup brand Colourpop is not a stranger to us, but it sort of is to me. I used to only have one product from them, and that is the cult favorite Yes, Please! eyeshadow palette. That palette did not disappoint and it made me want to try some of their other products as well. For some reason, I had a chance to choose particular products as a gift from my mother. (Thank you for "sponsoring" this post, mom! Hahaha!) Since I'm quite certain that I like the formula of their eyeshadows, I chose another eyeshadow palette. I also found myself wandering through their range of liquid lip products. Let me share you what I chose.

The Wicked Trick lip bundle consists of three variants of their liquid lip products: a gloss, a satin, and a matte liquid lip product. The Ultra Glossy Lip is in the shade Tight Fit has a metallic finish. You can compare it to the usual lipglosses with a few glitters and a semi-opaque base color. The Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park is a nude with a hint of pink. It's a shade that is lighter than the usual ones that I go to but I think I can still wear it when I want to do a simple look. The Ultra Matte Lip in Top 8 is a shade that I don't usually go for since it's a deeper shade of pink. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep this since I was pretty surprised when I swatched it on my lips, hahaha. It definitely needs some getting used to (well, for me).

This is one of my favorites, the Ultra Blotted Lip in the shade Doozy. This is a shade I don't usually go for but I like how I went for something different this time. What I love most about this is the finish and the formula. It dries down to a matte finish but feels like there's nothing on your lips. It really is lightweight and works well with moisturized lips. I don't think it's advisable to use if you have dry lips but I haven't observed any excessive drying caused by this product.

This is the Phase 3 - Sand of the Spring 2017 collection, a trio of mixed finish lip products. This collection has nudes and browns, thus the name. Just like the Wicked Trick collection, it has a matte, a satin, and a glossy lip product. The Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Knotty is a little lighter than Echo Park. It may appear too light on my lips but I guess I can still rock it, haha! The Ultra Satin Lip in Strip is a bit darker from the other two in the set and this is my favorite from the set! The Ultra Glossy Lip in Game On is not like the metallic ones. It has a sheen to it and it may leave your lips looking really moisturized and plump. I said 'may' because this gloss is kind of too much for me since it's really light and makes my lips looking wet and greasy.

And just like that, I have an excessive collection of Colourpop lip products. Since I'm not fond of everything here, I might sell them again as preloved items. Let me know if you're interested. *wink wink*

Now, the main reason that I got intrigued to try out other products from this brand is the quality of their eyeshadows which is why I knew I had to get another palette. This is the Dream St. shadow palette, a collaboration with beauty YouTuber Kathleen Lights.

Since my first palette from the brand has warm shades, I wanted to try something different. With this palette, I have different warm and cool shades as well. The shade I was drawn to the most was Mermaid Boy. It's a shade that I'm unsure if I can pull it off. I actually tried using Mermaid Boy and Water Bearer with other shades from the palette to create a look... and I kind of failed at it. I guess I'm not used to smokey eye looks yet. But with practice, I shall!

After swatching the shades, I can say that my definite favorites are the shimmer shades. But my ultimate favorite from this palette has got to be Moony. It's not glittery but it has a sheen. It also works perfectly as a highlighter as well! I can't wait to create more looks with this palette.

That's everything that I got from Colourpop! Special thanks to my mom for "sponsoring" this post, hahaha! And if you're looking for swatches, I'm really sorry if I wasn't able to include any! I'll try to take photos and update this post some time soon. I hope you still enjoyed reading and browsing through this post.

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