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Fragments of 2018

There’s no point of sugarcoating it, 2018 is by far the worst year in my life.

A lot of unexpected things happened and a majority of them left me rather devastated. Then again, that’s where growth starts. Despite everything, I know that the baby steps that I continue to take are still considered progress. So if you ever feel like you wasted so much time, give yourself a pat on the back. Because we know that we fought so many battles just to take a tiny little step in such a long span of time.

Here’s to us, to the wounds still healing, to the scars slowly fading, to the silent battles we keep on fighting, to the memories we keep on creating, to the everyday achievements we are silently celebrating, and to what lies ahead.

We may not have done a lot in a year in someone else’s perspective, but what matters most is that we know in our hearts that we are still trying. And tomorrow will be an even better and brighter day.

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