Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

A Saturday with Internet Friends

What was supposed to be a shoot turned into a day of candid photographs, a lot of walking, and catching up with two of my internet best friends, Alanis and Tin. Well, we didn't have any pegs in mind or even a virtual mood board. I guess we really just wanted to meet up and let everything go its own course. We only meet a few times in a year but I'm glad that we finally had the chance to meet up and update each other with our lives. Below are photographs that we took whilst wandering around the area for a proper shoot location and watching tutorials on how to pose in between.

A Year Older

So, yesterday, I turned 23. Yes, this small bean was born on 1996 and still doesn't know where she's going and what she wants to do. Come to think of it, when I was younger, I thought that adults (around 20-something or so), have their life together and all that wonderful idea of doing whatever you want. Well, I am living proof that it is false, so to hell with that kind of thinking. Let me ramble about some of my thoughts lately as a 23-year old.


Itching to shoot something that has always been part of my Pinterest boards and saved Instagram posts, I decided to try and turn it into reality. I did a similar self-portrait shoot like this with the whole stars theme going on but with a slightly different mood. I'm here to share what I managed to create out of a spontaneous afternoon in my bedroom.

Reflecting on 2018

Another year has gone by and to properly bid goodbye, I like to reflect on how it went. Despite it being my worst year so far, there's no denying that growth and learning were still present in the process. As I reflect on my year, I hope the questions in this blog post will also help you reflect on how yours went. Join me as I look back on how the past year went for me.

Also, just like last year, I got this idea from Amy Lee on Youtube. Feel free to make a similar post as long as you credit her!