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A Saturday with Internet Friends

What was supposed to be a shoot turned into a day of candid photographs, a lot of walking, and catching up with two of my internet best friends, Alanis and Tin. Well, we didn't have any pegs in mind or even a virtual mood board. I guess we really just wanted to meet up and let everything go its own course. We only meet a few times in a year but I'm glad that we finally had the chance to meet up and update each other with our lives. Below are photographs that we took whilst wandering around the area for a proper shoot location and watching tutorials on how to pose in between.

Saturday, January 12 —

Korean food
catching up

Like what I mentioned, this was supposed to be a shoot since I've been having so much trouble looking for subjects to practice portrait photography. We didn't have any peg or mood board for the shoot. There was no proper location or set where we will shoot. Basically, we didn't plan anything, hahaha! But I guess it happened for a reason, and that's because even if we plan even the smallest details, there's a big possibility that we'll fail executing it. Why? Because we're always laughing when we're together, hahaha!

Anyway, I've known these two for almost 3 years now and it's all thanks to the internet (specifically, Tumblr). We all share the same love for the arts and I guess that’s where the friendship started. I guess that’s the difference with working with people who share the same passion with you than working on your own. This is where I discovered the value and impact of collaboration. 

Another thing that I really love about my friendship with these two is that I can be as transparent and as vulnerable as I can be. There is no judgment and they will always keep an open mind when listening. (Wow, this blog post turned into a really cheesy storytelling about our friendship. Kidding aside, I really love these two.)

Going back to the happenings last 12th of January, despite not knowing what to do and where to go and how to properly execute visually pleasing photographs, we managed to take these really candid but (kind of) okay photos. I mean, not bad? I’m pretty surprised we even managed to produce pretty good photos despite laughing 3/4 of our whole time together.

We wandered around the neighborhood and took photos of each other. In this case, I didn’t have a lot because it’s a weakness of mine, being in front of the camera. Before we all parted ways to go home, we spent a good hour to talk about our life updates and future plans. Talking about future plans minus the overthinking is a really good exercise to put those goals to action.

Thank you, dearest internet, for letting me meet people like Alanis and Tin. The world really will surprise you when you find the right people to grow with. The internet is a huge place but I'm glad I crossed paths with these two.

So those are some of the photos that we took and some realizations about being with these girls. Despite not being able to take proper photos, I'm glad we still met up and updated each other. I had a great time and  I hope you enjoyed the photos somehow, hahaha.

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