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Itching to shoot something that has always been part of my Pinterest boards and saved Instagram posts, I decided to try and turn it into reality. I did a similar self-portrait shoot like this with the whole stars theme going on but with a slightly different mood. I'm here to share what I managed to create out of a spontaneous afternoon in my bedroom.

Some of these photos were taken using a DSLR while some are from my mobile phone. I'm happy with how they turned out. A part of me is surprised with how I managed to pull off these visuals. This year, I really want to put myself out there when it comes to creative work. I want to be able to learn more about portrait photography.

Other than learning from portrait photography itself, I want to work with other creatives. One of the best feelings in the world is being able to share the same love for photography with people who are equally as passionate. I really can't wait to work with my friends and creatives this year. That's one of the many things I really want to take by heart.

Experience is one of the biggest factors of learning. So to anyone who has always wanted to do something or start something new, just put yourself out there. You'll never learn until you face the unknown. It may be a struggle to take that first step and start moving. And it doesn't mean that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. There will be struggles and probably even doubts, but what's important is that you keep that drive within you. That's how you'll know you'll survive.

I hope you enjoyed what I came up with! This has been sitting in my files for months and I'm glad I finally shared them here on my little space on the interwebz. Here's to creating and growing more! Let's always ignite the spark of ideas and turn them to realities.

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