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2019 Planner

Despite being a Capricorn and having a Capricorn stellium, I still find myself failing at being punctual and accomplishing things according to plan. This is why I make sure I have a trusty planner with me. I've tried digital ones but they're not my cup of tea. For this year, I'm using a local brand instead of my usual Muji ones. I'd like to share with you more about this planner, how I intend to use it, and if it's worth its price.

So this is Printcafe's Year Planner. This is a blank planner where you can write the dates whenever you plan on using it. You can hoard one and use them for the next years. I just found myself gravitating towards the simplicity of the design and how affordable it is. This retails for Php 220.00 only. It comes with four colors: orange, light gray, deep brown, and a blue one which you can only avail for free if you buy at least Php 500 worth of Printcafe products.

This planner has a monthly overview where you can plan out events and all your appointments in just one spread. It also has a daily to do spread with 5 weeks in each month. Both have a portion for your notes. I use the monthly overview's notes section for a list of my monthly goals and from those, I spread them all over the daily to do, depending on my schedule. This way, I stay goal-oriented and reminded about the things I should be doing.

The daily to do is really spacious and you can put a lot of things you need to accomplish. What's fun about this is that there is enough space for you to doodle and put random sketches if you want. This planner is really flexible for different types of users. You can design it up or stay with its clean and sleek design.

After 12 monthly overviews, each with 5 daily to do spreads, there is a space for notes. You can do anything you want with this. I remember using the notes portion of my old planner when I was a student, I used to list random quotes or sayings that help me get through my days. I also find myself randomly sketching when I have nothing else to do. This entire space is up to you and how you want to use it. You can greatly benefit from it depending on your needs.

I do think that this planner is worth its price and I'm actually thinking of buying a few more just so I have a stock at home. It's hard to find a planner that suits my taste and that is affordable. I'd go for Muji planners but I'd rather go the practical route and also support local. I'm happy with this planner although one thing to note is that I hope they'll improve this with those notebook jackets that prevents those annoying dirt and any accidents involving liquids.

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