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Adventures in Analogue #05

After such an adventure, I finally received the scans of my film rolls from years of backlog due to the whole I'm-broke-I-don't-have-money-to-get-my-films-developed dilemma. Yes, I finally had the time and extra money to get some rolls developed! I had 5 rolls developed with love thanks to Sunny16 Lab. For this particular roll, I used a disposable camera, particularly the Fujifilm Simple Ace 400. I asked a friend to buy two disposable cameras for me when a friend of hers was in Japan and a friend gifted me another one when he went to Japan. Yes, Japan is the place to go to if you need disposable cameras since a lot of local online shops sell it for much higher.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you some photographs from my disposable camera!

These set of photos were from a day of adventure at the northern part of Metro Manila, which is a place I don't usually go to. Yeah, an uncharted territory for me. I remember riding the trains to LRT2 Anonas Station and looking for the giant building filled with different thrift stores. After hours of searching and almost checking every store, I didn't buy anything. But it was a nice experience because at least I got a chance to learn about that location if ever I needed clothes for shoots and events.

After going to the thrift store building, UP Diliman was another space that we decided to explore for a bit. I've been to this campus a couple of times but I never really remember the different buildings, streets, and landmarks in the area. What I do love about the campus is how I can just walk and admire the trees, which is totally different from what I was used to as a student. If ever I studied in this school, I'll probably unwind around the campus more often (until it feels more of a stressor than a place of comfort, hahaha).

Spending time with the unusual company of flora, and being able to witness the sunset in a quiet day was one that I wish I experienced more. Slow quiet days like this is something that is hard to achieve nowadays as we live in such a fast-paced world. I hope we all find time to slow down some time. It's essential and it's a big help when you feel like things aren't going the way you planned them. Stop for a bit and cherish what you have at the moment.

This day was exhausting because of the whole commuting but it was overall a fun time. I was able to slow down for a bit and just focused on the moment. I hope you enjoyed these set of photos and I hope it also made you want to take a day off and just slow down for a bit. Why not even share a day with someone that brings you comfort as well? Take a little time out and shut everything off. We all deserve it.

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