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A big folder of low quality film negative scans are resting in my hard drive and I decided to put them to good use. Instead of just leaving them as is, I used them to create art. Now this is something I thought of doing before but never had a proper concept. This set of artworks is called Mediums. Before I let you know what the whole concept is for this, take a quick scan of the artworks and try to guess.

So this is Mediums. It's a digital art about two different people, learning to connect, and creating a second home within their connection. Being able to create a beautiful relationship with people requires different mediums. There are no particular rules, but mediums are always present.

Being able to express your love and care for people doesn't always have to be grand. Sometimes, the smallest things make really big impacts. Listening to understand, for one, is already a big deal. A lot of people listen so they can respond. But sometimes, response isn't necessarily essential. Being able to understand though (or trying your best to understand) is an essential.

I could go on about the different love languages and how different mediums can be. But how I express my love for someone, may not be how they express theirs. This is where others may feel like their significant other don't love them as much as they do. It's because sometimes we express differently. Their preferred medium is different (hehe).

Valentine's day just ended but I would like to know, what is your love language?

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