Soon the Moon

by Franchesca Cruz

Monthly Montage 2019: Set 1 of 4

Art-wise, I haven't been very productive and expressive with myself lately. My art journal's been untouched for months already and I know that I really need to get everything together to create art again. Being able to express myself in different mediums is such a blessing but sometimes, creating art tends to be hard when you're out of inspiration or even prompts. This is why for this year, I challenge myself to create montages or collages with how each month went for me. It will be an artistic representation and summation of the month's totality for me.

I'd like to share the first three artworks and months of my year so far.

Collective Beauty Haul

Another beauty haul, no surprise here! I've managed to accumulate a few beauty items here and there and I'd like to share it with you guys. If you've tried some of these products out, please let me know your thoughts about them as well. I have a few products from 3CE and Colourpop for this small collective haul.