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Collective Beauty Haul

Another beauty haul, no surprise here! I've managed to accumulate a few beauty items here and there and I'd like to share it with you guys. If you've tried some of these products out, please let me know your thoughts about them as well. I have a few products from 3CE and Colourpop for this small collective haul.

This is the 3CE Velvet Cream Lip & Pencil from 3CE Studio. I got this through a pasabuy with my friend when Stylenanda had a sale last year. What's unique about this product is that it has both pencil and liquid lip all in one. Another thing that I like about this product is that the shades differ from one another, meaning you can create that hassle-free gradient lip look.

I have the shade #Heart and #Focus On Me. #Heart is a warm rose liquid lip and a brick red pencil. While #Focus on me is a red orange liquid lip and a skin tone pencil with pink undertones. Sometimes I like mixing the different shades and play with the color and gradient that they create on my lips.

Since I tried an Ultra Blotted Lip from Colourpop, I knew that it was my favorite formulation from their lip products. This is why I decided to get another one. This is in the shade Vitamin Sea. This shade is an orange terracotta color, which is definitely up my alley. With it being an Ultra Blotted Lip, it gives gives a subtle color and matte finish on the lips. Kind of like an MLBB type of thing. As much as I love the shade, I make sure my lips are properly hydrated before I use this for the day.

I don't have a single highlighter and I usually opt for shimmer shades from my eyeshadow palettes as highlight. This is why I decided to get a Super Shock Highlighter from Colourpop. This is Wisp and it has silver and gold glitter specks in it. I thought that when I apply it on the skin, it will look like that glow from within. I thought wrong. I'm kind of disappointed with it because the glitter chunks are really visible.

Definitely the star of the show, this eyeshadow palette from Colourpop is something that I've been eyeing for months already. The Chasing Rainbows palette has a total of 15 pressed powder eyeshadow shades. It consists of shimmer to matte eyeshadows and has cool and warm tones altogether.

With the name Chasing Rainbows, I was expecting at least the main 7 colors of the rainbow. But I think they tried to pull together a palette that can create a cohesive look with a lot of combinations. But still, I think that a green shade would make more sense.

About the packaging, I really enjoyed it so much. The iridescent plastic sleeve gives it a cute touch. The palette itself has a hint of sheen to it, which I really like. The colors remind me of the sunrise, kind of mild, but really pleasing to the eye.

As usual, the back part of the palette includes the name of the different shades accordingly. I remember being so confused before with their other palettes since they didn't indicate the shade name on the inside itself. But this is one of Colourpop's palettes where they indicated the shade names inside. 

As you open the palette, it shows a text saying, "Keep you head in the clouds." which is a really cute touch!

I personally haven't used this palette to create an eye look but this will enable me to explore so much more. Especially with the play of colors! My favorite shades from this palette are Feeling It, Not Playing, Lucid, and Eclipse. Yes, all shimmer shades, hahaha! Some shades are more powdery than the others and these are usually the glittery ones like Blurred Lines and Not Playing. Overall, I can't wait to create looks with this palette!

That's it for a quick collective beauty haul. I hope I'll finally stop buying too much stuff online. (Wow, what a conclusion to this blog post, hahaha!)

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