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A Weekend Away

Truth be told, it has been a while since I last escaped the scenes of Metro Manila. To be able to leave the city for a bit has been one of my biggest wishes this year so far. I just find myself falling into old habits, and staying within my comfort zone for way too long. I just know deep inside me that I need to get out of my room, of the city I call home, and just roam around for a bit. Being in a different environment can really help you a lot. You will witness unusual scenes and find a different kind of comfort in the unknown. In such a short amount of time, other than being able to unwind, I managed to spend time on happy thoughts than the usual worries I have in mind when I'm at home.

It was just an overnight stay at Indang, Cavite, not too far from home, but enough to get me to stop thinking about my worries and leave them in my room, where I spend too much time overthinking. It was a time for reflection and relaxation and I'm glad I had a chance to do this again. It just makes you stop and see what you've been missing out on. I'm someone who finds happiness in the simplest things but there will be days that I'm blinded by sadness and my worries which is why this trip was perfect for me.

I spent time with loved ones, took a dip in the pool despite not knowing how to swim, watched the sunset, ate good food, listened to the crickets, stared at the moon again after so long, and most importantly, I felt at peace.

Short breaks can really help your well-being. I hope I can do this more often. There's not much to share but the photos from above and how I suggest that you post for a bit when you need to. It is alright and there's nothing to worry. I'm alright and still fighting. I hope you're doing well, stranger.

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