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Art and Stationery Haul

One of the things that I promised myself is to work harder on my artworks. Truth be told, I'm not really having the best progress when it comes to working on art and spending time to learn new styles and mediums. This is why I thought of just trying to look into new materials to experiment with. I'd like to share some of my purchases!

I've always wanted to paint on a square canvas. I find the usual ones kind of plain for some reason. I bought a couple of square canvases in 20 x 20cm and 10 x 10cm. I really want to do a series of painting that I can display in my room or maybe make something as a gift for a loved one. This was an online purchase via Shopee from a shop that used to sell it for much cheaper than other shops (but I think they realized how much of a steal it is for their customers so they adjusted their selling price along with the others).

Wanting to be a little bit more organized, I decided to purchase this Muji pencil case. The ones I used before were pouches and I found that I just bring too much when I go out so this is just the right size for me to limit what I need when I need to write and sketch for a bit. Really happy with this one!

Despite having a lot of highlighters, I wanted something that was a set. I found an online store on Shopee that sold these pastel Pilot Frixion highlighters at a really low price. So far, I've been using them for my planner. I really love how I can erase this if I ever highlight something wrongly, hahaha. The pastel colors look really good too! I love how their not too bright for my eyes when I read the highlighted words. However, the yellow one is still kind of bright than the other colors.

The classic label maker, yup. This is something that reminded me of my childhood so much. I've been meaning to get one for myself so I'm glad I stumbled upon this in FullyBooked. I plan to use this for letters or maybe future zines, if I make one. I'm really happy about this purchase!

I've been wanting to try a new medium, particularly this one. Gouache paint is kind of hard to find in local bookstores or art stores, to be honest. Which is why I ordered this online from Art Whale. This is the Turner Acryl Gouache with 12 tubes of paint. I haven't tried it yet but I'd like to experiment with it. I've been painting with watercolor and I'm still learning it but I hope I'll get along with this medium well.

Those are just some of my recent art and stationery purchases. Art materials are really an investment and I hope I'll put these things to good use and finally create art that I will be proud of.

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